18 Apr

Winter Pokies Playing Vs. Summer Pokies Playing

This may sound like an odd question, but it is one that cropped up among our writers recently and one we felt that we needed to address. Think of it as a bar bet that got out of hand. We came to a conclusion at the end, and that conclusion was that considering I am writing the article, then I don’t need to listen to any of them and what I say goes. That sounds fair, right?


I thought not. But here is my opinion on whether it’s better to play pokies in the winter or in the summer, looking at both offline and online play.


Offline Pokies


Winter is undoubtedly the best time to hit the casinos, and to play the pokies in the many pubs and clubs where they seem to thrive. This is because summer is a time for getting out and about, not hiding in a cramped and noisy casino, trying to stand underneath the powerful air conditioning unit in order to keep the sweat patches from forming. It is easy to get frustrated when playing in the heat and humidity of a summer casino, and if things are not going your way then that frustration is not going to do you any favours.


In the winter, however, the dark nights and the cold make heading for a casino a great idea. It will keep you warm and will keep you entertained throughout the night, as many resorts around the country have restaurants, bars and great entertainment venues. The night makes everything look bigger, better and grander. You rarely see a promotional picture of Las Vegas during the day, because during the day the tackiness of the city is there for everyone to see, whereas during the night it is hidden, sporadically lit-up thanks to the garish neon glows that line the casinos and hotels. Also, if we’re talking about Las Vegas, then summer is not a good time to visit. This is the desert after all, and although much of your time will be spent in the casino, a walk down the street or a step outside may be enough to burn you into a pile of ash, like a vampire slipping into a sun bed.


There is very little appeal to casino gambling in the summer time. There is a time and a place for everything, and although we have always found time to gamble, even we would think twice about spending a summer’s day or night inside a casino. During the winter, however, it sounds like our perfect night.



Online Pokies


When it comes to online play, if you’re anything like us then you can get so wrapped up in your tablet, phone or computer that you don’t even notice what season it is outside. There have been times when it could have been blowing a storm out of our window, and we have been too focussed on getting to that illusive bonus round to notice.


Still, one of the things that mobile casinos have offered us, is the ability to play outside, and you wouldn’t want to do that in the winter. One of the greatest satisfactions in life is to chill on the beach or even on your own lawn, soaking up the sun as you read a book, a magazine or the newspaper. You tend not to see this anymore, as most people will be on their phones or tablets, but we’re not ones to judge, as we do this ourselves. The fact that most online casinos have mobile apps, and the fact that you can pretty much get 3G and 4G data connections in every major city, means that you can play on you favourite online casino even when you’re soaking up the rays on the beach.


The relaxed environment and the sun on your skin, not to mention the cocktail by your side, can go a long way to soothing your woes when you lose a lot of money. If you manage to win big, then there are few better feelings, and if you are on holiday, soaking up that sun in some distant land, then you could be making your holiday significantly easier. That hotel bill or bar bill won’t look so astronomical after you land a big progressive jackpot.


For us, you can’t beat the summer when it comes to playing at an online casino, purely because of this. In the days before mobile connections, we would have sided with the winter though. This is because it is very cosy to sit and play on your laptop or desktop computer when it is dark and cold outside, and you’re inside, all warm, cozy and beaming as you blow your kids’ college fund. Winter may have it when it comes to offline pokies, but you can’t beat the summer for online play.