As our name suggests, “Pokies for iPad” is devoted to the pokies gaming space at the intersection of tablet and iPads. Known as slot machines, fruit machine, one-armed bandits and more in the rest of the world, “Pokies” is an Australia term which originally came from “Poker Machines” and is now used to describe all electronic gambling machines, including both offline and online ones. Pokies are huge in Australia, a phenomenon that often amazes citizens from other countries. From the stacks of pokies you will find in all of the bigger casinos and gaming halls, to the many that you will find in hotels, pub, restaurants and more, Pokies are as much a part of Australia as cricket and lager, and in the online age, with easy access to online slots for everyone, this is growing day by day.

At Pokies for iPad we do our best to provide fellow iPad owners, pokie fans and Australians with all of the information we can find relating to our favourite activity on our favourite tablet computer. This is a labour of love, of obsession, and one that was created to spread that love and obsession with the rest of the world. This website is not as exclusive as it sounds though. Not only can it be enjoyed by more than just Australians, with reviews of slot machines that everyone can enjoy and reviews of websites that are open to International customers, but there is also more to it than just pokies and iPads. We do focus on those two themes, but we also discuss poker sites, sports books and more. This is because the websites that have the best pokies also tend to operate the best table games, poker rooms and sports books, and also because where you find someone who loves slot machines you’ll also find someone who loves to place occasional sports bets, someone who loves to play the odd hand of poker and someone who is partial to a spin or two of roulette.

Pokies for iPad is therefore about all forms of gambling, on all types of devices. Australians are obsessed with gambling and we gamble more than any other nation, with recent reports suggesting that 8 out of every 10 Australians of legal age have gambled at least once in the last 12 months, with a large number of them gambling all of the time. Pokies are big here, much more so than any other form of gambling and it is these machines that bring in the most income for the state and for the venues that lease or own them, but Australians also love all other forms of gambling as well.

Pokies for iPad is a non-biased site run by several Australian writers, all of which have been gambling since an early age. It is a site that puts worthwhile information ahead of profit and a site that puts honesty ahead of affiliate links. At Pokies for iPad we know a good game and a good online casino when we see it, and we’re more than happy to tell the world about it when that happens, but at the same time we also know a bad game and a bad casino, and in those cases we’re just as keen to warn everyone to stay away.

Pokies for iPads is an affiliate website, but it is one with a deference. We do make money from impressions, clicks and leads, and although it does benefit us greatly if you click-through to a casino or sports book and spend money there, that is not our main goal. As gamblers ourselves we have seen far too many affiliate websites that churn out the same sycophantic articles, praising sites that don’t deserve praise and preferring others because they offer more affiliate cash, as opposed to a better experience for their customers. We hated these sites when we were looking for genuine reviews, and we had no intention of turning into one of them, so whilst we do have affiliate links, our preference is for the best sites, with the best software and the best customer experience, as opposed to the best affiliates.

If you value honesty above everything else, and if you want to know what experienced gamblers really think of sites like BetFair, William Hill, Titan Bet, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Victor Chandler and others such as Royal Vegas, Platinum Play and EuroPalace, without any punches pulled, then come and check us out. If you’re big fans of the Apple iPad and of the electronic thrills that pokies can bring, and if you want to seek the best places to play these within Australia, then Pokies for iPad is the perfect site for you. If you don’t mind where you gamble, what you gamble on or what country you’re in when you do it, then we also have plenty for you.

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