17 Feb

Mobile Casinos upping their Game with ‘UX’

Mobile Casino Games UXIn past years, defining the best mobile casino games site was a matter of categorical assignment. Who has the most extensive games menu? Who offers the best payment methods? Who’s mobile site is best optimized for Android, iOS, Windows, etc?

Today, all major operators qualify in these categories, and more. Technology is progressing to an extent where punters are finding more important aspects to delineate their preferences. Today, it’s all about a single, 2-letter abbreviation: UX.

UX Defines Mobile Casino Games Industry

More recently, UX – which stands for, User Experience – defines who succeeds, and who fails, in today’s mobile commerce industries. A few years ago, pretty much all casino sites were designed for desktop use. As smartphones and tablets became more popular, those sites were (rather hastily) converted for adequate compatibility with mobile devices.

Things have changed drastically since then. Today, the mobile market is where it’s at. Statistics have shown that millennials, in particular, are spending more than 3 hours a day on their mobile devices. Many of them don’t even bother with desktop or laptop computers, unless it’s required for college studies or work.

Thus, a gaming operator’s UX has become a number one priority in terms of attracting new members, and – of equal importance – gaining their loyalty and fandom.

Inside Source Explains UX

Andrew Daniels Knows UXAndrew Daniels is the founder and CEO of Degree 53, a company that focuses its efforts towards building superior UX for the digital side of a number of major industries, including mobile casino games and sportsbook operators. He has extensive experience in the digital and interactive gambling realm, having held positions with such esteemed companies as Sony PlayStation, Million-2-1, IGT and BetFred.

In a recent interview with GamblingInsider, Daniels offered his personal definition of the ever-growing term, UX.

“UX is about putting users first and making the experience easier and smoother regardless of the industry. It’s about finding the most efficient and effective ways of directing users to the objective, whether it’s registering, playing a game, placing a bet or making a deposit,” he said.

“UX should tie-in with what customers want or how they want to engage and the brand’s business objectives to maintain profit and customer retention,” explained Daniels.

So, effectively, UX is exactly what it sounds like – perfecting a user’s experiencing. It’s is about creating an aesthetic, easily navigable mobile platform that draws people in, giving them quick access to exactly what they want, when they want it.

Daniels went on to describe the process of creating such an affable platform for multiple industries. He said that UX and a desktop or mobile website’s design service should “go hand in hand with the solution/technology a company provides to ensure the entire product works well technically, visually and offers the best user experience.”

He added that the visual aesthetics of a site are imperative, which makes sense. The overall design is the first thing every user will identify with. The layout of a site, especially a mobile one, comes next, and must function in a way that complements the visuals.

Many mobile casino games operators employ the same software suppliers, which can restrict how unique their graphic exhibit can become. That’s where enhancing the user’s experience through other avenues, from navigability, to payments, to customization options, plays a key role in augmenting the overall UX.