15 Feb

Naughty Pokies for iPad Casino Gamers

As adults, we all like to get a bit naughty now and again. Whether it’s indulging in that decadent triple chocolate ice cream that we know we shouldn’t have, or enjoying a night out at the local gentleman’s club with a stack of $1’s in our pocket. Today, just for all you iPad casino fans out there, we’ll take a look at some of the best naughty pokies available at mobile casinos.

Don’t get too excited, now. I’m not talking about downright raunchy stuff – that’s a whole other genre of online adult entertainment. All the characters will retain some semblance of concealment throughout these games. It’s all in good, semi-clean fun 😉

Best Naughty Pokies for Men

Obviously, there’s going to be a difference between what men and women find entertainingly naughty. Slots like these don’t generally come with symbols to suit both genders. In this section, we’ll cover the best naughty slots for men.

Naughty Pokies for Men1. Naughty Girls Cabaret

This seductive reel spinner from Evoplay takes players into the umbrageous world of an upscale gentlemen’s club. The reels are teeming with alluring burlesque-style showgirls. It’s much more than an online casino game, but a show that is, simply put, very easy on the eyes.

Combining elegant beauty with the excitement of winning, Naughty Girl Cabaret is a 5 reel game with 20 paylines, wilds, scatters, free spins, a double game, and a lucrative progressive bonus feature.

Naughty Pokies for Men2. Playboy Club

We all knew this was coming when Microgaming secured a contract with the official Playboy Club. Now, gentlemen all over the world can whip out there iPad (yes, iPad, what did you think I was going to say?!) and pay a virtual visit to the Playboy Club while spinning the reels.

The game is loaded with special features, including four free spin bonuses, each represented by one of the lovely Playboy Bunnies – Kimi, Sofia, Ashley and Jillian. In fact, it’s a lot like Microgaming’s popular Thunderstruck II and Immortal Romance, but with beautiful, scantily clad ladies on the reels.

Best Naughty Pokies for Women

And of course, here’s a list of the best naughty slots for ladies. These games feature some very hot, muscular bodies with just enough clothing left to keep you guessing.

Naughty Pokies for Women1. Thunder from Down Under

Those gorgeous male specimens from Australia’s famed Thunder from Down Under have been packed into this iPad casino game that’s perfect for all you ladies out there. A visit to the male strip club can be costly, but with Thunder from Down Under pokies, you can actually come out with a nice little profit.

Released by Cryptologic in 2010, the game features wilds, scatters, free spins and multipliers. As with most pokies, we always want to see lots of scatter symbols on the reels. And with the studly Donovan being the scatter, that couldn’t be more true.

Naughty Pokies for Women2. Chippendales Slot

The world famous Chippendales take to the stage at iPad casinos, integrating actual footage from shows. Progressing through various stages of the game causes these sexy males to remove another piece of clothing, eventually stripping down to their tidy whiteys. They will then revert back to stage 1 (fully clothed), but that just means they get to take it all off again.

There’s multiple styles of hunky men in the game, so these naughty pokies for women will surely appeal to all – the rock star, the cowboy, the biker, the firemen, and course, the brand’s iconic tuxedo donning gentleman.