1 May

Play iPad Pokies with Visa Credit Cards – Review

With any banking option, there are downsides and upsides when it comes to using them on gambling sites. PayPal may offer the quickest and one of the easiest ways to transact, but as it is often used to commit fraud then it can raise a lot of red flags and if you try and use it then you may find that the gambling site asks you to complete several different verification processes. Cheques and bank drafts may seem secure, but they are also very slow and can get lost in the post, whilst by using a debit card you are exposing your bank account, and potentially everything that you own, to one or more sites. In an age where even the biggest and most secure sites are getting hacked, that can be a very scary thing to do.

The same applies to using your Visa credit card, although the pros far outweigh the cons, at least as far as we are concerned. For instance, some gambling sites may charge you a small fee to use your Visa credit card, often applied as a percentage. If not (and this is rare with gambling sites) then your credit card supplier may charge you a one-off fee for using your card aboard, which is common due to the fact that many gambling sites are located overseas. A Visa credit card is also not ideal for withdrawing winnings to, as you are essentially just giving yourself more credit, or paying off debt.

On the flip side though, a credit card is the safest method you can use. In the event that something happens, then with a credit card you will be able to get all of your money back. Have your details been stolen? Don’t worry, all credit card issuers have teams of people set up to deal with such fraud — they will issue you with a new card, a new account, and they will pay back any lost money. Did the site you deposited to turn out to be a scam and are they refusing you give you your money back? That’s what chargebacks are far. Your credit card company will simply give you your money back and then do what they can to cover their costs by taking money from the gambling site. Credit cards are also quick, and they can be used on all gambling sites. If you have a reward card then you can also claim air miles and other rewards, which certainly makes for a nice incentive when gambling. Not all reward cards will extend their scheme to gambling sites, but the ones that don’t often have no way of know which site is a gambling site anyway, and they certainly don’t check.

We only deal with trusted gambling sites, such as the ones mentioned below, but we also use credit cards to gamble as they really do offer the most security. So, with that in mind, which casino accepts credit cards as a deposit and withdrawal method, which is the best, the most trusted, the most established and the one with the highest payout percentage and best customer support? And, perhaps most importantly, which casino ticks all of these boxes and is also available to play on your iPad?

For us there is only one answer: Royal Vegas Casino. This is as trusted as they come, licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, secured by eCogra, backed up by the Fortune Lounge Group, and recommended by the tens of thousands of members that play here regularly, including ourselves.

Royal Vegas Casino accepts most forms of credit cards and debit cards including the International brands that we all recognise, such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard, and smaller ones that only really exist in certain countries or regions. At Royal Vegas Casino you will find more banking options than most other online casinos, with literally dozens to choose from. These include PayPal, Skill, bank draft, cheque, Western Union, UKash and so many more.

Royal Vegas Casino is available in most countries around the world and it is also available on all operating systems, with apps that work with most mobile devices. Royal Vegas Casino is a truly universal online casino, one that has expanded its reach by offering everything that all groups of players could want. This also extends into their actual software, as they have hundreds of pokies, table games and even virtual scratch cards to choose from, whilst their bonuses, regular promotions and loyalty schemes are sure to please players of all stake levels and all abilities.

There is a lot going on here, but at no point does Royal Vegas Casino feel like overkill. Everything works and it does so with a simple grace and effortless intuition that also extends into its app, which is one of the popular and most highly rated apps in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Simply put, if you want the highest security when you gamble then you need to use credit cards, and if you want to use only the most highly rated, regulated and trusted online casino, then you need to use Royal Vegas Casino.