28 Jan

Get the Most out of your iPad Gaming Experience

Apple iPad Gaming TipsFor many of us, iPad gaming is more than an aside. It’s a way of life. It’s what we look forward to at the end of a long, hard day. It’s how we pass the time between appointments, turning a boring wait on the train or in some office lobby into a pleasurable way to tick the clock.

If you fit this description at all, you probably know the worst thing that can happen is to deplete your iPad’s battery life, with no access to recharging. Constant interruptions from pop-ups can be quite annoying, too, and multi-tasking can be a pain if you don’t know the proper shortcuts.

With all of these little frustrations in mind, we’ll go over some important tips and tricks you can use to ensure a better iPad gaming experience.

Conserve Your iPad Battery Life

Apple’s superior tablets can do a lot of wonderful things, and provide one of the most bright and pristine displays on the market. But all those perks won’t do you much good on a dead battery. Certain tasks, like playing high resolution games and streaming videos, can deplete an iPad’s battery very quickly.

You could always avoid these types of tasks whenever your battery starts to get low, but that wouldn’t be very fun, now would it? Instead, you could sacrifice a little screen brightness. After all, do we really need to be blinded by a prism of brilliant colors to enjoy the view?

Turning down the brightness doesn’t have too much of an impact on the display, but it can do wonders for the battery life of your iPad. To adjust the brightness, press the Home button twice, move to the right and click on the brightness indicator. Adjust it to a point where you can still enjoy the view, while conserving as much battery as possible.

If you’re not playing online games, turn off your WiFi, too. If you’re not already connected to a WiFi network, your iPad will constantly be searching for networks to connect to. Thus turning off WiFi will save a lot of battery, and speed up processing you actually want to run.

So Many Notifications – Make it Stop!

If you’ve never adjusted your notifications, you’re probably getting pop-ups all the time. Not only are they irritating, they can be very disruptive during an iPad gaming session.

When you’re out and about, one of the most annoying messages is the one that constantly asks if you want a join a WiFi network. You can put a stop to this by turning off the ‘Ask to Join’ function in WiFi Settings. This won’t prevent you from joining networks. You’ll just have to go into WiFi settings to join them manually when you want to.

Other notifications can be a pest, too. Just about every application you download will send notifications at random, reminding you to use them, play them, update them, whatever. If you go into the Notifications Settings, you can select what apps are allowed to send notifications. If it’s an app you rarely use, turn it off.

Tips for Multi-Taskers

Are you the type to run multiple apps at once? Maybe you have your favorite iPad gaming app running while partaking in a group chat. Did you know you can quickly switch back and forth between these apps in the Task Manager?

Press the Home button twice, tap the Task Manager, and all of your open apps will appear. Just tap the app you want to access. Do the same to get back to your other tasks.