18 Aug

So you Want to Gamble Online: Tips, Warnings and Recommendations

Gamble OnlineSo you want to gamble online. How much do you know about it? Have you already done some research on the topic, or did you stumble across this page while looking for an online casino to haphazardly throw some money into?

Gambling on the internet can be an incredibly entertaining experience; one with the potential to deliver enormous rewards to players. Then again, without the proper knowledge, it can also be a dangerous playground for the unaware.

To make the most of your experience and help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls, we’ll go over a few basic tips, crucial warnings and educated recommendations.


Look for a good promotion to get you started. If you’re going to gamble online, best to do it on the operator’s dime, right? No deposit bonuses will give you wagering power before ever putting real money in your account. It’s a great way to test out the software and games – see if you want to stick around, or move on to a better site. Standard deposit bonuses are great too, matching your initial deposit up to a few hundreds bucks or more.

Play what you know. Blackjack and craps may seem like some of the most exciting games in a casino, but if you don’t really understand the rules, don’t go spending money on it. Stick to games that you already know, or play the free, practice version of a game you want to learn. Once you’ve got it all figured out, then play for real money.


Play on a trusted site with a longstanding reputation, especially if your jurisdiction of residence doesn’t license and regulate its own internet gaming sites. That means you’ll have no choice but to gamble online at an offshore website. When your own country can’t provide you consumer protection, knowing you can trust the casino is paramount. Otherwise, you might wake up one day to find the website is gone, and with it, your money. Sites like Royal Vegas and Spin Palace are ideal, because the operators have been around for many years and they possess solid reputations for excellence.

Don’t gamble if you’re underage. Sure, we were all teenagers once, and getting away with something we’re too young to legally do might be an adrenaline rush, but in the case of gambling online, it’s truly not worth it. Even if you’re able to fool the site when signing up an account and depositing, once you try to withdrawal your money, the ID verification process gets 100x more strict, and all your winnings will be confiscated the moment they figure it out.


Play games with a low house edge. When using a perfect strategy, you can reduce the house edge in blackjack to below 0.5%. Some types of video poker games offer precise strategies to get the house edge way down too. Take your time, do some research, learn the best methods for each game, and your odds of coming away a winner will increase dramatically.

Slots have the highest house edge, but it’s hard to recommend that players stay away from them. After all, slot machines are by far the most popular way to gamble, online or in a live casino. So for all you reel spinning fanatics out there, I say this: Look for feature-rich games with bonuses, multipliers and – above all – progressive jackpots. If you’re going to go for gold, might as well makes sure there’s more than enough of it to go round. All it takes is one very lucky strike on a progressive, and you’ll be set for life!