13 Jun

When Will the iPad Pro be Launched?

There is always speculation surrounding future Apple products, but a lot of it tends to come to fruition, as was the case with the Air products, the Apple Watch and even the very first iPad. On this site we are devoted to iPad, and along with many other fans of this device, we have been paying close attention to the rumors regarding one of its most enigmatic creations, the iPad Pro.

This device has been talked about for sometime now, although Apple themselves have not uttered a word. It is said that it will be a light device, but one that is bigger than the iPad Air. Many Apple experts actually tipped 2015 as the year that this device would be announced and even released, but neither of those things have occurred so far. So, as we wait to see if there are any official announcements towards the latter half of the year, just what is expected to be included on the iPad Pro device?

The name was created by the media and the actual line of products will probably be named differently if/when they arrive, but the main notion here is that Apple are planning to increase the size of the iPad. When you think that early on they focused on decreasing it — with the very popular iPad Mini proving that such a strategy worked — it’s hard to imagine why they would go the other way. You only need to look at the new generations of smartphones for an answer there though, as these have been getting bigger and bigger.

The other features that this device will have is pure guesswork, but there is no doubt that it will include the latest retina display technology, which gets better as the screen size increases and could look amazing on a big tablet. It will also likely have a similar construct to the iPhone 6 Plus, which is one of the most popular smartphones on the market right now. Apple will not want a cumbersome and weighty device. They have always preferred stylish, thin and light devices and their marketing has revolved a lot around this, so they will undoubtedly use the same technology they have used in their Air series to create something that weighs very little and is very thin, despite having a bigger screen size than other devices on the market.

Despite being thin and light, this device will have plenty of room for the best RAM, processor and graphics, and it is likely that it will outperform all other models in terms of power. Simply put, it is difficult to imagine Apple going to the trouble of creating something bigger, only for it to be slower.

The iPad Pro is still a pip dream for many, one that has been in the making since 2013, but an announcement regarding its release could be just around the corner. We for one look forward to such a device, and if it is released, we will gladly join the queue to be one of the first to purchase it.