13 Jul

Spin Palace Poker: Review

Poker has never been bigger, and whilst much of its popularity is centered around Texas Hold’em and online poker rooms, other variants and other destinations are also increasing in popularity. Microgaming, the oldest casino software around, has seen an increased number of players using their electronic poker games and video poker games.

We decided to check these games out for ourselves, playing them through the Spin Palace

casino, as it uses the Microgaming software. We were pleasantly surprised with the variety and playability on offer and think that other fans of this great game will be as well.

3 Card Poker

Although you don’t see it in the biggest poker rooms or in the live poker events, when it comes to casinos, both online and offline, 3 Card Poker is the most popular variant — at least as far as the casino floor is concerned. This is a simple game to play and is easy to pick-up, even for those who have never played before. The hardest part is understanding the poker hand values, which can be tricky for novices. If you know these then you’re good to go.

The house edge varies depending on the bets, but it can go as low as 2.3%.

Cyberstud Poker

This is Microgaming’s version of Caribbean Poker, which is a form of Stud poker that is played against the dealer, with 5 cards dealt to both player and dealer. Whilst the game rules are the same as the aforementioned Caribbean Stud Poker, the pay table is a little different here on Microgaming, and often much more generous. A Royal Flush, for instance, pays out 999x, whilst even just a Four of a Kind will give you a return of 99x.

Pai Gow Poker

Popular first in the east and then in Vegas and other cities, Pai Gow has not quite reached the heights of Hold’em, but it is getting there. This is far from an easy game, but with some simple instructions available, this is a good place to learn. As well as a standard game of Pai Gow, there is also a bonus bet on the side, which can be played for just $1. This game offers one of the highest payouts of the electronic poker games on Microgaming, promising up to 8000x your stake if the cards land in your favor.

Poker Pursuit

A simple but somewhat addictive game, Poker Pursuit is like a simplified version of Let it Ride combined with video poker. The goal is to aim for the biggest hands, with a Royal Flush paying 999x your stake.

Video Poker

Speaking of video poker, there are 23 different variants of this on the Microgaming software. We felt a little spoilt for choice at first, but as soon as we narrowed down the games to how many hands we wanted to play at once, it was a little less daunting. There are single-hand games and multi-hand games that let you play as many as 100 hands at once. Choose wisely, because more hands doesn’t necessarily mean more money.