3 Dec

PokerStars launches Free Mobile Poker App, Jackpot Poker

Hot off the presses, PokerStars has announced the launch of a new mobile poker app, Jackpot Poker. The new app is available on Facebook, or for download on Android and Apple iOS mobile devices and tablets. It’s most laudable feature is that it offers SNG poker tournaments that mimic the creator’s wildly popular, real-money ‘Spin N Go’ tournaments.

Success of Spin and Go Poker Tournaments

PokerStars introduced lottery style Spin and Go tournaments in 2014. In the beginning, the format was met with trepidation from players and industry analysts. Some thought they promoted poker as gambling, rather than a game of skill, thereby undermining the efforts of advocates of online poker regulation. Others simply thought the concept was outright absurd, and would never take off.

Little more than a year later, it’s become blatantly obvious how wrong the nay-sayers were.

Thanks to a few 7-figure promotions from PokerStars, and the undeniably inexpensive nature of the games, Spin N Go tournaments have evolved into one of the most alluring SNG formats the online poker world has ever known.

jackpot-poker-mobile-appJust like real money Spin N Go tournaments, when 3 players take a seat in Jackpot Poker, the prize wheel spins to reveal the ‘winner takes all’ prize everyone will be playing for. The pot could be as small as 2x the buy-in, or as high as 3,000x the buy-in!

PokerStars Jackpot Poker App on Facebook.

PokerStars Jackpot Poker for Android (4.0.3 and up)

PokerStars Jackpot Poker for iOS (7.0 and up)

Free to Play, with IAP’s of course…

If there’s one thing PokerStars’ lottery style tournaments have been missing all this time, it’s the ability to play Spin and Go for free. With the new mobile poker app, players can enjoy them in a purely social gambling environment, competing with friends and thousands of other players from all over the world.

Of course, in-app purchases (IAPs) are available, but not required.

Players can buy special gear to show off at the tables, or top up their chip balance with cash. PokerStars gives away free chips several times a day, and by utilizing the social nature of the mobile poker app—inviting friend and liking Jackpot Poker on Facebook/Twitter/etc.—will also earn players more chips.

In line with PokerStars’ dedication to accommodating recreational players, Jackpot Poker also includes a special poker tutorial with quizzes designed to help users increase their skill on the virtual felt, as well as their free-chip bankroll. Correctly answering questions about the game is another quick way to snag extra chips.

PokerStars Proud of its Latest Innovation

PokerStars Director of Social Gaming, Lloyd Melnick, was especially pleased with the launch of their new mobile poker app. “By bringing Spin & Go jackpot tournaments to mobile devices, PokerStars has captured the most exciting innovation in poker in recent years and made it available to everyone with an iOS or Android smartphone.”

Extolling the immersive experience of the free Spin and Go app, Melnick said, “Mobile gamers are going to love the fast-paced poker action that they can only get on the Jackpot Poker app.”