23 Mar

Skrill Pokies on iPad

As far as many gamblers are concerned, when it comes to web wallets, you can’t beat PayPal. For everyone that loves this service though, there seem to be several that hate it, and for those, the best alternative is Skrill. This offers everything that PayPal offers, and for some it offers a lot more. It is also just as widely accepted, and once we get a little background information out of the way, we’ll look at the best iPad casino (in our opinion at least) that accepts Skrill.


Skrill may not sound familiar to everyone, but Moneybookers might, and they are one and the same. Moneybookers is the former name for Skrill, with the change occurring in the third quarter of 2013, at which point Moneybookers was one of the most widely used payment methods, with PayPal being the only web wallet to boast more members.

Skrill, or Moneybookers as it was known back then, was first founded in 2002, beginning in the United Kingdom. The domain was actually registered a year prior to that, as the company spent some time getting their affairs in order. In their first 18 months Moneybookers had nearly two million members sign up for their service, with all kinds of currencies passing through the system from members all over the world.

Six years later, in 2008, Moneybookers boasted over 5 million accounts and they claimed to have members in all countries. A year prior to that announcement they were bought by Investcorp Technology Partners (who have close to $12 billion in assets) for over 100 million euros, and just a couple of years later it was on the market again for more than three times that.

Moneybookers changed hands again in 2013, at which point it had changed its name to Skrill. CVC Capital Partners were the purchasers this time around, a private equity firm with close to $50 billion in assets, including the Samsonite luggage company and the Formula One Group. These days Skrill has an annual revenue of over $200 million and at the last count they had 25 million members, of which over 100,000 were merchant accounts.

As far as usability goes, Skrill is as simple and as easy to use as PayPal, it is also widely accepted. It is not, however, as widely accepted as PayPal is, which means that your money goes much further with PayPal than it does with Skrill. Still, many users prefer Skrill, as PayPal’s sheer size has created numerous issues with customer service, among other things. Skrill is also popular with businesses, as its services include a payment gateway and escrow, as well as allowing payments to be made through text messages and even through faxes.

Best Skrill Casino

There seem to be just as many online casinos that accept Skrill as there are ones that accept PayPal, so which is the best one? Well, for us that title goes to Platinum Play, for a number of reasons.

The main one is their deposit bonuses. Not only do they offer free spins with no deposit required, but they also offer extra for those who do make a deposit. These free spins offer players the chance to try all of the Platinum Play pokies for free, and if they win then they can keep their winnings and withdraw using Skrill (or another method). Players are invited to join on the site, or through their iPad using the Platinum Play app, which is available on the App Store. The app offers just as much as the main website does, and we actually prefer it.

As far as the deposit bonus goes you will be given a 100% matched bonus on your first deposit, up to $200. This means that if you deposit $20, you’ll get $40 to play with, and if you deposit $200, then you’ll get $400 to play with, and so on. It doesn’t end there though, as there is also a deposit bonus available for those who deposit using Skrill and several other methods. This bonus will give you an extra 10% if you deposit using these methods, which means that a $200 deposit as outlined above would give you a total of $420 to play with if you use Skrill to make it. You can also use Skrill to withdraw, with super-fast times for both deposits and withdrawals, and if you prefer then you can also choose from an array of other methods, including bank transfers, cheques, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and other web wallets.

Other Options

Platinum Play is not alone in offering these sort of deposit options. In fact, the company that owns this online casino also own two others, with similar deposit available on both of them. They also both have very good iPad apps and as well as accepting Skrill, they also offer a 10% deposit bonus for those that use it, as with Platinum Play.

These two casinos are Royal Vegas Casino and Euro Palace. The former is geared up for a worldwide audience and although the latter focuses in European pokie fans, it also accepts players from Canada to Australia. Which one you choose is up to you, but bear in mind that as they all offer great bonuses, there’s nothing stopping you from joining them, scooping a handsome sum and then testing your luck on the pokies.