31 Mar

Real Money Pokies on iPad

These days most online casinos have apps in the App Store, but not all of them are worth your time. Many of them just publish apps for the sake of it, and very few of them are any good. We can’t count how many buggy apps and poor quality apps we have discovered over the last few years, and although this market is improving, many of the bigger sites are still some way behind.

We have found some treasure in amongst the trash though, one that excels both with its iPad app and with its main site, and that is Royal Vegas Casino.

Royal Vegas Casino was established in 2000 and has been leading the way ever since. We’re very picky gamblers and ones who find a lot of niggling faults with major online gambling websites. We don’t like the customer support on Paddy Power; we don’t like the cluttered nature of Bet365; we don’t like the fact that Ladbrokes seems very buggy; and we despise everything to do with Stan James, so for us to find a website that we like from top to bottom, without fault, is a huge surprise, yet that’s exactly what we have found in Royal Vegas Casino.

The Royal Vegas Casino app is one of the most popular casino apps on the Apple App Store. It is aesthetically pleasing, it is fast and it is updated all of the time, ensuring that whatever bugs and glitches there are, they don’t remain there for long. There’s a reason why it is so highly rated on the App Store, and it’s the same reason why Royal Vegas Casino is so highly rated by us as well.

If you have yet to join up, then you’re one of the lucky ones, as the biggest deposit bonus in online gambling is waiting for you. At Royal Vegas Casino you can get up to $1,200 free to play with, which comes from a 100% matched first deposit and from a 50% matched second deposit. They also have an offer of free spins, often as much as 100, which are handed out to first-time depositors depending on current promotions. At the time of writing, for instance, everyone who joins will receive 75 spins for free, and although these promotions only run for a day or a week, there is always some variant of them available. Our advice is to check the promotions page first, if this offer is available then join up, as you have nothing to lose and a hell of a lot to gain. If not, then just wait a while and keep checking in, as it will appear again soon.

There are hundreds of games available on Royal Vegas Casino, with new ones being added all of the time. The beauty of an online casinos, as opposed to a brick-and-mortar casino, is that the new games don’t replace the old ones, they are just added to the list. We remember the dismay of finding a game we liked at a casino, playing on it constantly for several days or weeks, only to find that it was replaced by a newer game. That won’t happen at Royal Vegas Casino, so if you find a game that you like, you can stick with it until it pays off. With Royal Vegas Casino’s loyalty program, you will also be entitled to some cash back if you do remain loyal to the brand. They have one of the best loyalty programs we have come across, and one that offers a great deal to those who play often and bet big.

As for choosing a game to remain loyal to, some of our favorites include Mega Moolah, which comes with a progressive jackpot that regularly exceeds $5 million and at the time of writing is actually closer to $7 million. This animal-themed game is great fun and there are plenty of bonus rounds as well, in addition to this huge jackpot. The Dark Knight Rises game is also well worth a look; based upon the film of the same name, this is sure to keep Batman fans amused. Billion Dollar Gran is one of the newer games, and although it doesn’t have a jackpot quite as high as Mega Moolah, there are still plenty of extras to make it worth your while.

As far as deposits and withdrawals go, Royal Vegas Casino has an endless list of payment methods to choose from, and if you pick from one of 6 then they will even give you an extra 10% in credit. This means that all new members depositing $100 and then $50, using one of those 6 payment methods, can expect to receive a total sum of $290 to play with! Not to mention the free spins that we discussed above.

The only downside to this is that PayPal is not one of those payment methods, but they do accept it, so we can’t complain about that. In fact, PayPal is our preferred method for dealing with Royal Vegas Casino, because although they are very efficient when it comes to banking, they move quicker than any site we have been a member of when it comes to PayPal.

We feel that we’re getting a little excited, and it probably shows, but this really is a very good casino and one that ticks all of our boxes. The only major downside that we can see is that we’re already established members and therefore can’t reuse the deposit bonuses, but as we alluded to above, they are also very kind to their existing members and we’re already waiting on our first cashback.