4 Apr

Snacks for Playing Pokies

All gamblers have had moments where they have played long into the night. This accounts for poker players and blackjack players, who often play for hours and hours on end, but it also applies to pokie players who hit a good run of form and don’t want to stop until it’s over. In this article we’ll look at the best food and drink to keep you going during these long stints, from getting the best out of cheap and cheerful snacks, to eating food that can improve your performance, your focus and your concentration.


Snack Hacks


If you want to create an ice cream sandwich like you have never had before, then take a tub of your favourite ice cream — Ben and Jerry’s works best — and your favourite cookie and then combine the two. To do this you just need to cut a slice out of the ice cream, literally cutting into the top of the container until you have a sphere. At that point you need to peel the carton away from the rim and stick the resulting wedge of ice cream on top of one of your favourite cookies, before using the other to cover the top. A little squeeze and you have your own delicious ice cream sandwich, with no compromise on the quality of either the wafer or the ice cream!


Another great snack hack, and one that will keep you at your computer/laptop playing pokies for hours, is to use your hoody as a snack holder. To do this, simply wear your hoody back-to-front, so that the hood hangs down from your neck like a pouch. From here you can fill it with your favourite chips or other snack, grabbing a snack without having to move or even stretch.


If you want a nice cold drink to go with those snacks, and one that will stay cold as you try and play your way to a fortune, then wrap a wet paper towel around a bottle of beer or lager and stick it in the freezer. The beer will be ice cold within 10 minutes, and what’s more, it won’t be frozen. We’ve all left beer in the freezer and forgotten about it, and the result is often very messy, but this makes sure that won’t happen. You can even wait next to the freezer to ensure you won’t forget. If you’re wanting to play long into the night, then you’ll probably need some caffeine, which we will discuss in the next section.


Keep Going


It’s not all about junk food and alcohol, as you need to fill your body with the nutrients that it needs to keep going, ensuring you don’t make a mistake and, more importantly, that you don’t get angry and frustrated, at which point you could stand to lose a lot of money. If you’re pulling a late one, whether you’re playing pokies, are running deep in a poker tournament or are on a winning streak at blackjack or any other game for that after, then you’ll also need plenty of caffeine. Energy drinks are usually the first choice for many people, but there is a dark cloud hanging over this industry, and even if you discount the horror stories about the “harmful” chemicals that these drinks contain, then you are still left with something that contains enough sugar and artificial ingredients to turn you green.

When it comes to caffeine you should opt for good old fashioned coffee or tea, as this will give you more than enough energy and it might even do you some good. Try not to overdo it though, otherwise a crash will leave you weary and may hurt your gambling.


If you want to go the healthy route then you’ll need plenty of protein, as this is what keeps your body on high alert. Carbohydrates will make you tired and although these do provide energy, vast quantities of them will also tell your body that it’s had all it needs and can afford to rest. If you don’t want to get up and cook, and if fast food is out of the question, then snack on protein bars an other snacks that are high in protein. These include nuts, eggs and jerky. You should also toss in some fruits for some healthy sugars, as balance is often key. Fresh fruit may not be feasible if you’re at your computer, because you’re sure to make a mess, so invest in some dried fruits. Figs and dates will do you a world of good, and you should also invest in some blueberries, whether fresh or dried. Recent studies have shown that they can increase concentration and focus by at least 10%. That may not be a huge figure, but it is an accurate one, and every little helps.


The fruits will also supply your body with much need vitamins, but there are a few other things it could use as well. Oily fish, or flaxseed oil, will help a great deal thanks to their omega 3 and omega 6 content. There is still some debate about whether these do any good, but many studies have suggest that they can aid with brain function. You may not realise it, but you really are what you eat and the better the quality of food that you put inside your body, the more you will get out of it. If you have ever felt tired, run-down or even frustrated and agitated, then it could be your diet, and a well-balanced diet is a great way to stay on top of your game, regardless of what game you play.