5 Aug

Which Online Pokies Have the Most Bonus Rounds?

We are often asked this question and the truth is that it’s not an easy one to answer, simply because such information is not readily available. However, we have reviewed our fair share of pokies and have played hundreds of them in our time, so we have our own experience to draw on and are able to offer an answer.

So, if you want slots with a number of bonus rounds and features, then read on.

South Park

We love this slot, and not just because of the glut of features and bonus rounds. To begin with, all of the boys have their own bonus round, which adds up to four in total. This includes the “Kick the Baby” round for Kyle and the “Hippy Shooting” round for Cartman. You unlock these with two normal Bonus symbols and one specialized Bonus symbol.

That’s not all though, as there are also some random features. The best of these is a Cartman feature where you can turn half of the pay-lines wild. This is rare, but the Mr. Hanky feature and the Terrence & Philip feature, both of which create at least 3 wild symbols, are much more common.

South Park Reel Chaos

Created as a sequel to the game mentioned above, this is based on Butters and his Professor Chaos super-villain alter ego. There is only one main bonus round, but it is a very fun and rewarding one, and there are a number of extra features as well. These include one where you are given a free spin and a 2x multiplier, and if you don’t win then you get another spin and an additional multiplier, all of the way to 10x. There are also features for other South Park superhero personas, such as Mysterion and Coon.


Based on the classic film of the same name, the Ghostbuster slot offers a wealth of nostalgia for fans of this 80s cult hit, and there are also plenty of features. These include two different bonus rounds, two different random wild features, and a number of Instant Wins, Instant Multipliers and more. The majority of these features are triggered by Slimer, who appears in the corner of the screen on occasion and then leaves a generous feature when he departs, usually in the form of cash to the equivalent of between 2x and 5x your stake.

Ruby Slippers

Just like the South Park pokie mentioned above, there are several different bonus rounds here, but unlike South Park, they operate in a unique way. There are 4 characters for each of the three bonus rounds, but you only need two of them to unlock the round. However, the more you have, the more features you will be able to take advantage of in the round, and the more money you will win as a result.

Away from the bonus rounds there is also a “What’s Happening” feature, where between 1 and 4 reels will turn wild, and you can also get a multiplier of either 2x or 5x.