27 Jul

Online Pokies Tournaments: Bigger Prizes and More Playtime for Smaller Bankrolls

Online Pokies TournamentsIf you’re reading this, chances are you already enjoying playing the pokies, either in a live setting, at online casinos, or a mixture of both. Likewise, you probably already know how quickly a bankroll can dwindle spinning the reels time and again, dropping more and more coins every minute. But did you know online pokies tournaments can extend your bankroll, your playtime, and afford a chance to win much larger prizes?

Online pokies tournaments are available at a lot of today’s top online casino sites, like SpinPalace and Royal Vegas, both of which are part of the Fortune Lounge Group and powered by Microgaming‘s elite software technologies. They have an extensive range of tournaments, including everything from freerolls and feeders to one-shot and accumulator varieties.

We’ll talk more about these types of pokies tournaments, how to play them, and why they are preferred by many casual gamblers with smaller bankrolls.

Types of Online Pokies Tournaments

There are many types of tournaments to choose from, with variable entry fees and prize pools to be won. Each tournament gives all players a set number of credits to begin with. Those who run out of credits are out of the competition – except where rebuys/continues are available – while those who build the highest number of credits win all of, or a share of, the prize pool.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common varieties.

Freeroll Tournaments: As the name implies, freeroll tournaments are absolutely free to enter, costing the player nothing at all. In some cases, there may be certain restrictions on who can enter, through, such as new members only, VIP members only, etc. But such restrictions also help keep the number of players down, increasing each participant’s chances of winning.

Feeder/Satellite Tournaments: These tournaments may be freerolls or have a small entry fee, awarding the winners not cash or bonus credits, but a free seat in larger tournaments.

Extender Tournaments: These are long-term tournaments that may last a whole day, weekend, entire week or even longer. Players will be able to use the ‘Continue‘ option (pay to top up your credits), or Rebuy (buy more credits only when you run out) to extend their playtime.

Reloader Tournaments: These online pokies tournaments require a bit of strategy, as players can Rebuy if they run out of credits, but cannot use the ‘Continue’ option.

One-Shot Tournaments: Straight tournament play – no Rebuys, no Continues!

Accumulator Tournaments: These tournaments have a guaranteed prize amount based on the number of players who register, but the prize pool will continue to increase as more players use Continue and Rebuy options to extend playtime.

How to Compete in Online Pokies Tournaments

In order to play in a tournament, you’ll need to register for it. This is done by browsing the online casino’s lobby and searching through the tournaments menu. Once you’ve selected a tournament, you’ll be given the option to register. All of the pertinent information is provided here as well, like starting time, number of players, starting credit stack, entry fee, prize pool, etc.

Once registered, make sure you’re online to compete in the tournament when it starts. And don’t worry, you can play other games up until then if you wish. The server will notify you when a tournament you’re registered for is about to begin.

Did I Win?

If you’re not sure if you won a prize or not, every tournament has a leaderboard that depicts all paying positions. Go into the tournament lobby, select your tournament and check the leaderboard to see if and/or what you’ve won. Prizes will be paid directly into your real money account balance, bonus balance or tournament ticket balance, depending on what the prize is.