14 Mar

Movies/Clips Filmed with iPad

Apple are experts when it comes to advertising and to product placements, and it could be argued that the reason they are the biggest technology company in the world, with their products loved and desired everywhere, is because of this expert product placement. Their laptops, phones and more are featured everywhere, but when it comes to product placement, you can’t do much better than an entire episode of an award-winning comedy show filmed entirely on an iPhone.


This sounds like a dream had by Apple’s head of marketing, but it actually happened. The show was Modern Family on ABC, which is a hugely popular American show that has been broadcast all over the world, with millions of viewers that are madly in love with this series. The episode was filmed entirely on the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad, and it also uses a Macbook through the episode. This is everything Apple could have hoped for, and there’s a good chance that they paid a lot of money for it, but as with everything else that Modern Family have done, it is not cheap in anyway and follows the hilarious tone of the show to a tee.


We only really use our iPhones and our iPads to gamble, sticking with sites such as BetFair, MyBet and Titan Casino (all of which have partnered with us to bring our readers huge deposit bonuses) but seeing this episode got us thinking: just how good are the Apple cameras, and what else has been filmed on them?


As it happens, Modern Family are not the only ones to have used Apple gadgets to film. In fact, a recent documentary, Searching for Sugarman, filmed large parts on an iPhone. The film won an Oscar, and is critically acclaimed, yet during the filming of it the director ran out of money and had no other choice but to film many interviews on his iPhone. Many of these parts made it into the final cut of the film, and despite the fact that he used expensive and professional equipment to film many other scenes, few viewers noticed the difference. This was a little different to Modern Family as it wasn’t what the director had set out to do, but the director clearly knew his stuff when it came to cameras, and he also knew that the iPhone would be more than capable of doing what he needed it to do.


A film that recently took the Sundance Festival by storm was also filmed using an Apple gadget, this time an iPhone 5s. The film, Tangerine, uses hard-hitting subjects and fantastic directing to create a film that became a breakout success from its first screening, even though it was filmed with an iPhone and an app that cost just a few dollars. The film had a very small budget, so the director, Sean Baker, knew that he didn’t have much choice. He also knew that whilst not ideal, his phone would be able to get the job done, allowing him to use the meagre budget elsewhere. He used a 2:35:1 aspect ratio and he also made full use of the zoom lens throughout the filming process.


Despite not being his first choice, he never had any issues with the iPhone and even enjoyed the filming, telling many journalists that he never lost any footage and even that he gained an affinity with the phone by the end of filming.


As if to prove just how popular films shot on iPhones and iPads are, and just how capable these devices are, there is even an iPhone Film Festival. As its name suggests, this film festival is for films that have been shot on the iPhone, and there are plenty of them available, with thousands of submissions received every single year. These submissions come from over 50 countries and it has been going since 2010, back when the very first iPhones were released. This film festival is very popular and its popularity is only increasing, with film makers, iPhone users and independent film lovers all jumping on board the bandwagon.


Away from films and TV shows, iPhones, iPads and more have been used extensively to film clips that are posted on Youtube. In fact, although many of the bigger Youtube celebrities use professional camera equipment these days, they didn’t all start out that way and iPhones and iPads have been used for many of Youtube’s most successful videos. There is no way to tell which video, which clip and which vlog was filmed with an iPhone or an iPad, but it is safe to assume that there are many of them. It is even safer to assume that there are many more popular clips filmed on Vine, which allows users to post 6 second videos, the majority of which are filmed on phones and tablets.