8 Sep

Real Money Mobile Casinos drive iGaming Market

Real Money Casino Games OnlineBack in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, countless people turned to the internet to play real money casino games. It wasn’t because the software quality was so great, or that the connection speeds offered uninterrupted game play. It was because most of us – let’s be honest – bore easily. We were engrossed by the fact that we’d found something exciting and new to occupy our time.

But the more people played, the more operators there were popping up, and the more software suppliers there were striving to get their games on those sites. And when a market space gets crowded like that, the competition becomes fierce. That may be bad news for businesses who fall behind, but its great news for interactive gaming fans who desire a superior experience.

It wasn’t that long ago that we entered the era of smartphones and tablets, when everyone who was anyone began carrying around a mobile device to keep up with friends, business matters and – of course – goof off in our spare time. That resulted in a rapid technology shift that saw those same games being overhauled into apps for real money mobile casinos.

Just like the traditional desktop form, it took awhile for the new mobile gaming craze to really catch on with players. There were only a few games available, they required special downloads, and as with any new software, it was a bit on the buggy side. But as more and more players took to their smartphones to gamble, more and more software companies inevitably shifted their focus in that direction.

Today, the prevalence of real money mobile casinos is what drives the industry to constantly improve and innovate. Our passion to play – anywhere, anytime – has reinvigorated what could easily have become a stale commerce.

The Ultimate in Convenience

We never leave home without our smartphones, and when we do, it’s enough to make us slap our foreheads in frustration and, if given enough time, head back to retrieve them. Mobile devices offer the ultimate convenience, keeping us in constant contact with the world around us.

Mobile Phones

But when we aren’t sending a text message, checking the weather or seeing who’s posted the latest selfie on social media, we look to other forms of entertainment from these small, electronic devices. Whether sitting in the lobby of the dentist’s office, praying for our name to be called next, or lounging comfortably on the sofa waiting for our favorite show to come on, mobile casinos are always there for us.

Superior Graphics & Speed

When a game has low-key graphics or takes too long to load, chances are we won’t play it very long. These days, our minds require constant stimulation, and the makers of real money casino games are well aware of that fact; perhaps more so than the players themselves.

Today’s top software developers infuse their products with crystalline, high-definition graphics and streaming animations to ensure our eyes are happily glued to the screen at all times. Thanks to continually evolving technology and mobile network speeds, the games run incredibly smooth on any up-to-date device.

Full Scale Optimization

I remember clearly when the first real money mobile casino games appeared. Mobile phones didn’t even have toushscreens yet, and downloading a game was a real pain in the you-know-what. That all changed when mobile app stores came along, and it got even better with the scripting of the HTML5 markup language.

I’ll try not to get too technical here, but HTML5 was years in the works, finally released in late 2014 as a way for websites to optimize their content for the latest multimedia devices – specifically mobile phones and tablets.

When an online casino redesigned its website in HTML5, mobile users were able access that casino, just as they would on a desktop. Now, thanks to that single innovation, players can enjoy their favorite games without having to download mobile casino apps to their devices.

Downloads are still an option, available from most top-tier gaming sites, and are often preferred by consistent players who would rather tap a button to play instantly, rather than opening a mobile browser and working their way to a casino website. But for others, the extended game variety of an HTML5-optimized mobile casino is the favored option.

Competition Drives Promotions

It’s not just the software, speed and optimization that is constantly being enhanced by competition. With so many operators vying for customers, they have to get very creative – and very generous – with their promotions.

In the old days, a free $10 sign-up bonus was enough to convince a player to register at a new site. These days, you’ll find a lot more value around the cybernetic gaming space. Fist-time deposit bonuses that match a player’s initial purchase at 150% or better, giving them hundreds – sometimes thousands – of bonus dollars to wager with, are not uncommon.

Most real money mobile casinos will throw in some free spins on the slot machines to further enhance their magnetism. And once a player has an active account, the marketing tactics don’t stop there. These sites give away everything from reload bonuses on every deposit, to exclusive birthday bonuses, to elaborate vacation prize packages, like a luxury cruise or weekend in Vegas.

Future is Bright for Real Money Mobile Casinos

After more than two decades, it’s become quite clear that real money casino games are not a fad, like many of today’s biggest social games. Candy Crush, Words with Friends, Summoners War – they were great for awhile, but monotony and progressive difficulty will eventually convince most players to find something new.

Conversely, people don’t stop playing casino games simply because they get bored. Every month, there are new games coming to market, and the chance to win money will always hold a certain level of attraction for players.

As such, competition will continue to thrive, and the industry steadily innovate with new ways to keep customers coming back for more.