22 Sep

Degenerate Gambler wields ‘HIV’ Syringe at Macau Casino

Macau CasinosImagine for a moment that you’re at a luxurious Macau casino resort. Your luck is failing miserably. You’ve lost a large sum of money, but all around you, you see others winning. Frustrated, you begin to wonder, why are they subject to such hot streaks when you’re not? What do you do?

Hopefully, not what one degenerate gambler did earlier this week. A young man of 27 was arrested by local authorities at an unnamed Macau casino when he became so distraught over his mounting losses that he decided to ‘encourage‘ others around him – those who Lady Luck had looked kindly upon – to place his bets for him.

According to the Public Security Police Force (PSP), his means of encouragement were a bit – unconventional – to put it mildly. Hailing from the Chinese mainland, the man actually withdrew a syringe filled with red liquid that he claimed was “HIV” infected blood.

To further coerce winning players to do his bidding, he also waved around a document that supposedly confirmed he was HIV positive. He then ordered his intended victims to place wagers for him at the tables, assuming that they would have a better chance of winning, since their luck appeared to be much greater than his own.

Reports also indicate that theft had nothing to do with the man’s motives. His desire was to get winning players to make wagers on his behalf, with his own money. Apparently he had lost a rather large sum earlier that evening at the same Macau casino, although no specific amounts were included in the reports.

I’ve said this many times, and I’ll take this opportunity to say it again. This guy’s actions are just another perfect example of why its better – and obviously safer – to place your wagers at online and mobile casinos.

Perpetrator Admits HIV “Blood” was Fake

Once local law enforcement got a hold of the culprit, he finally admitted that the “blood” in the syringe was not real, and that the document stating he was HIV positive was falsified. He’s been charged with multiple counts, including attempted coercion, threat, possession of an illegal weapon and offenses to physical integrity.

It was also noted that none of the intended victims actually fell for the degenerate’s ploy. All who were approached essentially ignored the threat, believing the document and ‘HIV blood’ to be fake.

In the end, it was a mere case of desperation in which a devastating losing streak led one young man to cook up a ridiculous means of winning his money back. However, that isn’t likely to help him in front of a judge, as the fact that he entered the Macau casino with a loaded syringe and fabricated medical documents shows a significant level of premeditation on his part.

Disgruntled Gamblers Nothing New in Macau

While the rate of violence in China’s only legal gambling territory has dropped substantially in recent years, physical and vocal outbursts from a disgruntled gamblers have not.

Data from local authorities indicates that, between 2011 and 2013, police were notified on 28 occasions when Macau casino dealers were assaulted by guests, all stemming from high rollers who had become irate after losing large sums of money. According to Macau Business Daily, a total of 10 cases were reported in a mere three month span earlier this year.

Another report by MBD suggested that casino operators strongly encourage their employees to drop the charges in these cases, so long as the patron who assaulted them apologizes. After all, no casino wants to lose one of its biggest whales, and court cases can become long and expensive ordeals.