14 Mar

Apple iPad versus Samsung Tablets

Apple vs Samsung is one of the biggest battles in technology right now, rivalling the match-up between Microsoft and Sony that has flared in the Xbox vs Playstation wars, and even the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft in the Mac vs Windows wars. Saying that one product is better than the other in any of these contests is a death sentence, as all of these companies and products have their supporters that will stick by them to the bitter end. These groups are not interested in what others think and have made up their minds, they are the sort of dedicated buyers that companies like Apple and Samsung need, the sort that queue up for hours in the cold rain to buy their latest product, and the sort that continue to pump money into their coffers even when times are hard.


Still, whilst these don’t care about “comparisons” there is a world of neutrals out there that do. So, if you’re looking at buying an iPad or a Samsung and are not sure which one to go for, then hopefully this article will be able to help. This site is dedicated to iPads, but we love all tablets in general and have taken an unbiased standpoint for the sake of this article.


Materials Apple


One of the main things you need to consider when looking at a tablet is the materials that it is made form. You want something strong, sturdy — something that feels like its worth all of the money you are going to spend on it. That’s one of the areas that lets Samsung down, and one of the areas that has always let Samsung down. Their S series of phones is a perfect of example of this. They were designed to rival the iPhone and they cost the same as well, yet the materials are flimsy and they don’t feel like they’re worth the hefty price tag.


The tablets are a little better, but you can’t beat the solid construct of the iPad or iPad Mini. Apple have nailed the manufacturing process more than any other tech company. It is part of the reason they have created an entire community around the “Unboxing” trend, as they focused a huge amount of money, research and attention on making sure that everything from the box, the logo, the case and the stickers you peel away from the iPad (let’s be honest, this is one of the best things about buying a new Apple product) is perfect.


Operating System Apple


This one goes to Apple, and by a long way. The iOS operating system is like no other, and makes for a very easy-to-use interface that can do anything and everything. Apple have always geared their products towards those that aren’t technologically minded, but at the same time they make sure that even those that are will still be happy with the features and the interface on offer.


Samsung uses Android, which is not their own OS and is actually run by Google. It’s not bad as far as OS goes, but in our opinion it is not quite up to the standard of iOS.


Customer Care Apple


We have had issues with both of these tablets, and we have also been in touch with Apple for other things (iTunes and App Store namely). Samsung, like many other multi-national companies, can be a nightmare when it comes to getting a coherent response form them, whereas Apple are quick to respond and they are always prepared to help. They also have many Apple stores located worldwide where you can drop your Apple product in for a fix, repair or upgrade. Apple are the richest technology company in the world, and in a modern environment of poor customer service from big companies, it’s good to see that the biggest company has nailed customer service down.


Features Samsung


This is a very close one, mainly thanks to the Apple iOS, but as we classed that as a separate category, then we’re removing it as a “feature” here, and when we do that then Samsung stands out by a long way. We love the iPad for the iOS, the App Store, iTunes and the general simplicity of the device, but Samsung devices have so much more. The Note series, for instance, has the stylus, which offers handwriting functions, note-taking abilities and more, whilst the device itself also has multi-window options, so that you can do more than one thing at once, much like you could on your laptop or desktop.


Variety Samsung


When it comes to variety, our vote goes to Samsung. Apple got there first, but despite that they haven’t created as many products. They have a series of iPads and a series of iPad minis, but that’s all. Samsung have the Tab, Tab S, Tab Pro, Note and Note Pro, and they have many colours, sizes and styles in each. iPads may not be everyone’s cup of tea in regards to look and feel, which leaves those who admire the internal features at somewhat of a loss. When it comes to Samsung though, even the pickiest of people are sure to find a style that suits them.



Price Samsung


When it comes to price, Samsung wins all day. We’re not just talking about the price of the actual tablets, but also of the peripherals. The iPad is not only more expensive than its many Samsung variants, but the fact that you need specific chargers to use it, and ones that can set you back a small fortune, has been bugging Apple users for many years. In fact, everything about Apple is more expensive, from the goods on their iTunes and App Store, to their Apple Care, their peripherals and the actual tablets.


Samsung, on the other hand, is considerably cheaper and their products have a more universal feel, with many peripherals compatible with their devices.



Overall Tie


It is hard to split these two makers, and even as a website that focuses on the Apple iPad, we think that they are level when all things have been considered. A major factor for Samsung is variety, and the extra features that some of their devices offer, whilst for Apple it’s the fact that few things feel or look as good as an Apple gadget, and iOS blows all other OS away.


If it comes down to price, then you might be better off with a Samsung tablet, if price is no hurdle, and you want something that is easy to pick up and play, and something that feels like its worth the money you just spent on it before you even turn it on, then you’d be better off with an iPad.