14 Mar

Pokies for iPad mini 3

We recently picked up an iPad Mini 3 and were very excited to get it out of the box and get started on this review. This machine is just as polished and as beautiful as all of the other iPad and iPad Mini releases.


The iPad Mini 3, as with all of the new Apple tablet and phone releases, is available in three different finishes, including Silver, Gold and Space Grey. It can be bought as a 16GB, 64 GB and 128GB edition, and either with standard Wi-Fi connection or with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. The iPad Mini series has proven to be one of the most popular tablet computers since its release, because not only can it do most of what the standard iPad can do, but it also costs less and many users prefer the smaller size of the iPad Mini over the heftiness of the standard iPad. In fact, we’re one of those user, and not only was an iPad Mini our first ever iPad, but it continues to be our favourite tablet computer.




The look and feel of the iPad Mini 3 is just as impressive as all of the Apple releases, and from the moment you take it out of the box you won’t regret paying the huge price tag. It has the immaculate finish that we’re all used to, with front and rear cameras that include FaceTime HD and iSight. The iPad Mini 3 screen is 7.9 inches and comes with a Retina Display and is lighter and thinner than any of the previous models and of the standard iPad models, making it comfortable to carry around.


With 3.1 million pixels on the screen and Apple’s polished finished, the iPad Mini 3 is truly beautiful when off and on, and in our opinion the Gold finish — which is a new addition — is the one that stands out the most and truly shows-off the beauty of the device.






One of the things that has been introduced for the iPad Mini 3, and is also available on new editions of the standard iPad, and of the iPad Air, is Touch ID. Touch ID is a new edition to the Apple arsenal, and one that promises to introduce a new way to pay for items through Apple Pay. As of yet though, this has not been rolled out across the world and is only available in a select few locations in the United States. Right now, Touch ID’s main use is to add extra security to the iPad Mini, allowing users to lock and unlock the device using their fingerprints.


The new iOS also excels itself, and continues to lead the way when it comes to mobile operating systems. It makes everything simple and easy, and you get the feeling that a lot of time has been spent on putting this operating system together, which isn’t always the case with mobile operating systems.


As far as the battery goes, the iPad Mini 3 promises 10 hours of web-surfing, and we can verify this. This drops to 9 hours when using mobile data, but the battery doesn’t take too long to charge and it can be charged either via an adaptor or via a USB connected to a computer.


Our Favourite Features


Everyone has their own favourite uses, and how you use it defines how much use you get out of it. For use, the best thing about the iPad Mini 3 is the fact that it makes online casinos fun and easy. We used this device to play BetFair Casino and BetFair Poker, and loved every minute of it. Not only are we able to take it with us and enjoy the mobility of the device, but the Retina Display also offered beautiful graphics for the slot machine games, the poker games and many more.


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A common complaint with many Apple products, and tablets in particular, is the fact that new editions are too similar to the ones that they succeeded, and the iPad Mini is no different. There are some minor improvements, but overall this is not a huge leap from the previous model, and if you’re expecting something revolutionary, then be prepared to be disappointed. If you are looking to upgrade from the previous model, then there is no point, there is not enough of a difference to warrant spending all of that extra money. If, however, you are picking up your first iPad Mini, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick up the iPad Mini 3. It may not be hugely different from the device it succeeded, but this is probably the best tablet we have used — it is leagues above others on the market in terms of style, functionality and general feel. It’s expensive, but if there was ever proof that you really do get what you pay for, than this is it.





Apple have tried to offer something new here, but Touch ID is the only “wow” thing that has been included, and that has yet to do what it promises to do. Still, that may change in the future and we for one look forward to the day that this will be a fully-functional feature.


Overall, we love this new edition. As we mentioned above, we would not rush out to purchase this if we already had an iPad Mini 2, and considering the hefty price tag we wouldn’t even pick one up if we had an original iPad Mini. If, however, you are new to this series, or if you’re considering moving over from the standard iPad — particularly from one of the earlier models —then we would definitely recommended it.