14 Mar

Differences Between iPad and iPhone 6

In this article we will look at the differences between the iPhone 6 and the new iPad, released around the same time. These are two completely difference devices, but although one is a tablet and one is a smartphone, they have a lot in common and use a lot of the same technology. As they are both Apple products, they are also guaranteed to be of the highest standard when it comes to design, style and function, which is the reason why Apple have been at the head of the technological world for many years now.


We have both of these devices and use them all of the time to do our favorite thing: gamble. For us, the best thing not only about tablet computers and smartphones, but also about the internet, is online gambling. One of our favorite sites, and one we used for this comparison, was BetFair, who feature throughout this site and who we partnered with to gift a huge first-time deposit bonus to all of our readers. Just click the BetFair link if you want to take advantage of that.


The Basics


The iPhone is getting bigger, especially if you consider the iPhone 6 Plus, whilst the iPad seems to be getting small and lighter, with the iPad Mini and the iPad Air (now in their third and second releases respectively) shedding some weight since the original. The issue for many users of the iPhone 4 and earlier was that it was too small for games and we also weren’t keen on using it to gamble on the BetFair casino either as it was very small. When the iPhone 5 came around it was bigger, but not in the right areas and it still lacked size. The iPhone 6, however, is perfect.


In fact, it feels like it’s just the right size, whereas the new iPad feels like it is too big. It is not as mobile either, and at times some of the games feel like blown-up versions of their iPhone counterparts. We like to gamble on the go, and the iPad isn’t ideal for that, but the iPhone 6 is, and much more so than any of the others. We might have actually preferred earlier iPads to earlier iPhones, but this time, as far as size is concerned, we’re going with the iPhone.




Obviously, the iPhone 6 is a phone, but you can also pick up an iPad that has cellular capabilities. It’s hardly something that you can carry around in your pocket and press to your ear though, so this is an option that we don’t quite understand. Still, what the iPad lacks in cellular capabilities, it more than makes up for in power. It not only has more power and speed than the iPhone 6, but it has more storage capabilities as well.


The power also effected our online gambling, because whilst the iPhone 6 was more than strong enough to do what we needed it to do, the iPad could handle all of those tasks with more ease, gliding through even the most graphically advanced of games. We used it to play everything from blackjack, poker and roulette and even exchanges games. The exchange games were perfect on the iPad, as were the others, but this particular action of the BetFair website was a little slower on the iPhone.


Both devices make use of the retina display, but there is a little more to the iPad in terms of graphics and intensity. It is simply stunning, and even though we mentioned that the size wasn’t perfect, it is easy to forget about this and to get lost in the beauty of a game of blackjack or a pokie on a screen that is nearly ten inches.


The Verdict


We have mentioned the upsides and the downsides of both of these devices. The one thing we haven’t mentioned is the cost, but these days, depending on which option you choose, there isn’t a huge difference between the cost of these two. If you opt for the iPad Mini than there will be, and in all honesty our recommendation would be for the iPad Mini. Not only is it cheaper, but it offers everything that the standard iPad does, with a size that is a little more manageable.


However, this is about the standard iPad and the iPhone 6. Size does play a big role though, and that is one of the reasons we would opt for the iPhone 6. Even if we ignored the cellular capabilities, this is a compact and powerful device with a screen that is almost the perfect size. The iPhone 6 Plus is actually a little better, maybe even perfect, but that can be too big for many phone users.


If you, like us, are heavily into online gambling and want to take your casino, poker and pokies with you, then our advice is to choose the iPhone 6 over the iPad.