25 Oct

Tit for Tat: Desktop vs iPad Gambling Apps

Destop vs iPad Gambling AppsIn today’s highly advanced technological age, there’s virtually nothing we can’t do on a desktop computer or mobile device. We can learn, communicate, shop, bank and pretty much everything else you might imagine. We can even play pokies or blackjack without visiting a real casinos. The question today isn’t whether it can be done, but rather which device is more suitable for doing it?

For the last two decades, we’ve been able to place all manner of wagers on a desktop/laptop computer. It wasn’t until more recently that mobile gambling became a viable option, and even then, it’s taken time for software developers to tweak iPad gambling apps for a genuinely enjoyable experience that equals – if not exceeds – that of traditional online casinos.

Now that the age of smartphone and tablet gaming is here, we’ll take a look at that previous question, comparing the efficiency and convenience of desktop vs iPad gambling apps.

Ease of Access

Both desktop and iPad gambling apps offer about the same ease of access, once the games are downloaded. Most desktop casinos don’t require a download to get started playing, although its often an option that grants access to a larger variety of games. These players can simply log on, register, deposit and start playing.

iPad users must visit the casinos mobile website to access the games, and are often required to initiate a download for the iOS compatible app, or in some cases, they can use Apple’s iTunes store to download the gambling app.

Once that’s done, though, both options provide quick and easy access to pokies, table games and more.

Game Variety

Desktop casinos win this category hands down. Those looking for a larger assortment of games will generally find that downloadable casino clients are the way to go. Microgaming casinos, for example, offer a few hundred titles for instant-play, but nearly twice as many for those who download the full software client to their desktop.

Mobile casinos offer their largest variety via instant-play games for iPad, or an even smaller selection proffered to those who download the mobile gambling app.

Comfort and Mobility

There’s no doubt sitting at home, relaxing in our pajamas and slippers with a hot cup of coffee or tasty adult beverage is more comfortable than traversing the outside world. We can sit at our desktop computers or laze on the couch with a laptop, placing wagers to our heart’s (or bankroll’s) content, but carrying a bulkier laptop out of doors just doesn’t make sense.

iPad gambling apps allow us to play the games on the go, whether we’re commuting to work via public transportation, sitting in the lobby awaiting the dreaded call of the dentist’s assistant, or taking a break at the local coffee house. Even at home, it can be easier to whip out a tablet on the couch (or the toilet – you know its true!)

Software and Speed

Two years ago, the software for iPad gambling apps was glitchy and sorely lacking in the feature department, but that’s not the case today. Programmers have taken huge strides in catering to mobile users, making the casino software for mobile devices just as impressive as its original desktop counterpart.

In terms of speed, it’s more a matter of how well equipped your desktop is, compared to what iPad version you own. The iPad iOS 3 is not compatible with gambling apps. The iOS 4.x is compatible, but is remarkably slower than its younger and far superior cousins, running the iOS 5.x and above.

Simply put, the newer your device is, the faster its going to run.