14 Mar

iPad Development Team

Apple have led the way when it comes to high quality tech and revolutionary gadgets, and the iPad has been one of their most noteworthy creations. Initially dismissed by many as a “giant iPhone”, and considered a worthless invention, the iPad eventually became a standard product in many homes and businesses, even being used by newsreaders, commentators and more. The iPad also spawned a wave of copy-cat devices and although the iPad itself is somewhat a copy of an older technology (namely the Microsoft Tablet, which was launched at the turn of the Millennium) it was one that introduced the world to tablet technology.


So who is responsible for this innovative device? In this article we aim to find out, looking at the men that worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring this invention — and many other Apple products that have have changed the way we see technology — to the surface.


Steve Jobs


Born in 1955 in San Francisco, Steve Jobs is unfortunately no longer with us, passing away just a few years ago. His legacy remains though and is sure to do so for many years. Jobs founded the company with two others, one of which left in the first few weeks after doing very little but drawing the Apple logo. The other, Steve Wozniak, stayed longer and worked with Jobs to design the Apple I and Apple II computers, but he wasn’t around when Apple became the beast that it is today.


As the CEO and face of the company, Steve Jobs was the one to introduce the MacBook, iMac, MacBook Air, iPod, iPhone and iPad, whilst he oversaw the development of everything from iTunes and the App Store to the iPhone. Jobs also played a big role in developing the iPad, and with heralding a new age for the company, one that saw them launched from a smaller company that was constantly on the brink of failure, to the richest company in the world.


Jobs’ dedication and his ingenuity ensured that by the time of his death in 2011, he had a personal worth of several billion dollars and also served on the board of directors for the Walt Disney company.


Jonathan Ive


Jonathan Ive is the head designer at Apple, working on projects such as the iMac, iPad and the new Apple Smartwatch. Without Jonathan Ive the world might look very different, and yet this top developer and designer, whose aesthetic eye has changed the face of modern technology, is not as famous as Steve Jobs or several other men behind the Apple name. Still, Ive is well regarded in the technological sector and has won many awards for his work, including Designer of the Year, which was given to him by the Design Museum of London.


Known as Jony, Ive is English and was born in London in 1967, the son of a silversmith. After leaving university in Newcastle he took on work with a small design company, before Apple discovered him. They actually tried to sign him for two years before he agreed to join in 1992. In the early days Ive was responsible for products like the Newton, but in later years, and following many promotions, his skills were put to use on everything from early iPods, to the iPad. These days Ive continues to deign and develop the best that Apple has to offer, and his skills are some of the most valuable and irreplaceable in the company.


Ken Segall


Although not involved directly with the design and development of Apple’s biggest products, Segall has played a crucial role in helping Apple get to where it is today. Segall was responsible for the advertising, and his genius was behind the “Think Different” campaign, which many people are familiar with.


A copywriter by trade, Segall was also the one to think-up the iMac name, which was used for Apple’s revolutionary desktop computer. The “i” prefix then became synonymous with Apple and has been used with everything from the iPod, iPhone and iPad, to the iWatch.



Tim Cook


As the CEO that succeeded Steve Jobs, Tim Cook’s face is now recognised all over the world, but he had actually been involved with the company for many years before that. Cook’s work before his promotion to CEO ensured the financial success of the company, and he was also there when they created their most famous and most widely loved products. Tim is also currently overseeing the new wave of Apple products, and was at the helm during the launch of everything from the iPad Mini (which we are huge fans of) to the iPhone 6 and the iWatch. As the man that will lead them into the future, only time will tell with regards to what innovative designs and developments we will see next.