14 Mar

iOS or Android for Tablet Playing?

One of the newest debates to have emerged over the last few years, and one that is becoming much more intense than Microsoft vs Apple and even Xbox vs Playstation, is Android vs iOS. We’re not talking about whether iPads are better than Samsungs here, we’re already covered that and despite our allegiance to Apple, we couldn’t find a winner. No, this is basically Apple vs the world, at least as far as smartphones go, because whilst Apple is the only designer who uses the iOS operating system (they did develop it, after all) there are many brands that make use of Android, which was developed by Google.


For this test we used several different versions of both of these operating systems, and we also looked at different devices. From the iPad and the iPhone, to the Galaxy Note phablet, the Samsung S3 and the HTC One. We figured that, as gamblers, online casinos would be the best way to run these tests, so we used them on our three favourite sites. BetFair, which is an exchange, casino and more; MyBet, which is quickly becoming our favourite online casino; and Titan Casino, which is part of the Titan Bet brand, were all used extensively. There is also Royal Vegas, Platinum Play and EuroPalace, which we highly recommend.


If you want to run any of these tests yourself, then feel free to check out these sites. All of them have free bets and matched deposits available, just make sure you follow the above links and/or quote our name when you reach the sign-up page. First though, let’s find out which operating system we discovered to be the best.


Downloading and Playing


iOS was very intuitive and dependable at all times. We found it to be very quick and seamless when downloading all of the apps, both for phone and tablet, and we never had any issues playing them either. When it came to Android, however, we were let down a number of times. Firstly there were issue downloading the games, due to the fact that Google Play liked to persistently warn us about gambling. When we finally managed it, one of the apps kept crashing. This was no fault of the app and it only happened on one of the devices, so it may be an issue with the device itself.


Still, even if we were to ignore this fault, the apps just seemed slower, despite the fact that the device with the highest spec was an Android device. There were few issues elsewhere, although we’re not too keen on the many prompts that the Android operating system insist on sending your way when you try to click a link, a video or even an ad. Some of those prompts didn’t even work, and we discovered that when we were trying to click through to the BetFair website from the Android app, it didn’t let us. It did let us on the iOS though, for both the phone and the tablet.


Android lost this battle, but there wasn’t much to it. The quality of the app lies with the makers of the app, and not really with the operating system. Royal Vegas, Platinum Play and EuroPalace all have great mobile apps, that’s why we chose them in the first place, and if we hadn’t have tried them on both operating systems then we might not have even realised how inferior Android was.




The apps mentioned make banking very simple, with withdrawing and depositing as easy as it should be. We did have issues with the Apple phone when it came to using PayPal (which Royal Vegas, Platinum Play and EuroPalace all accept) but we had other issues with the Androids. Still, overall there was very little amiss here and everything was a fluid and as easy as it should have been.




We love Apple iOS, let’s get that clear. We’re biased, but only because we have a lot of experience with it. If you took iOS out of Apple devices, then we don’t think they would have enough going for them to triumph over many of their rivals, and they would certainly be inferior to Samsung devices, but as long as iOS remains a part of the iPad and iPhone then this will be our preferred device for online gambling and for everything else.


Android is catching up though, and there is very little between these two operating systems. Apple does edge it, but not enough for Android users to rush out and spend $600+ on a new iPhone, or slightly less on an iPad. If, however, you’re seeking to buy a new phone or tablet and are struggling to decide between the two, you should opt for the Apple, and for iOS. That apples not just to online gamblers, who will get so much more out of their experience with iOS, but to all types of user.