15 Aug

Gamblit Gaming to make Racing and Zombie Games for Live Casinos

Numerous research papers have revealed that today’s millennials simply aren’t attracted to the same old slot machines enjoyed by past generations. What they do like is fast paced, multi-player shoot’em ups and zombie games; competitions where skill supersedes luck and bragging rights are as valuable as cash prizes.

Gamblit Gaming producing Zombie Game, Into the Dead, for Live Casinos

Photo: Gamblit Gaming

Gamblit Gaming, an interactive casino software manufacturer based in Glendale, California, understands that. As such, they’ve partnered with PikPok, a mobile games publisher out of New Zealand, to convert two of their most popular titles – a zombie slasher called Into the Dead and a futuristic racing platform known as Breakneck – into land-based casino games.

Originally released in 2012, Into the Dead has become one of the most popular zombie games for Android, iOS and Windows based mobile devices, with over 60 million downloads to date (and an impressive 4.3-star rating on Google Play based on over 1.12 million reviews). Breakneck, released more recently in October of 2015, already has over 5 million downloads.

Gamblit goes All-In on Skill-Based Arcades

Specializing in real-money gambling games for both live and online platforms, Gamblit Gaming has transitioned its primary focus to creating skill-based games with modern themes that today’s generation of young gamblers will find more appealing.

Chief Marketing Officer Darion Lowenstein elaborated on the company’s new partnership, which will see Gamblit working alongside PikPok to develop the new racing and zombie games for live casinos. He said the titles should be available on gaming floors sometime in 2017.

The deal with PikPok is “important because we get access to games that customers already know and love and then bring it into a new venue,” said Lowenstein in an interview with GamesBeat.

It brings a new revenue stream to an independent developer,” he said. “Consumers get to play a title that they already know how to play. We see this as a way for casinos to capture a younger audience.”

GamesBeat also had an opportunity to speak with PikPok’s Managing Director, Mario Wynands, who is thrilled by the prospect of bringing their already successful racing and zombie games to a new audience.

It’s an exciting new opportunity to us. It takes our portfolio into skill-based gaming and generates new revenue for us,” said Wynands. He was particularly excited about his company’s role in potentially revitalizing the age-old entertainment of an “arcade gaming experience.”

Nevada Casinos Open to Skill-Based Games

Las Vegas will be a prime breeding ground for Gamblit Gaming’s new racing and zombie games. The state of Nevada passed legislation to permit skill-based slot machines on casino floors in May of 2015. However, no such games have hit the casino market just yet.

Before a game can be placed in a casino, it must pass rigorous testing from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. As for skill-based slot machines, they must contain enough chance elements that they can still be programmed to deliver traditional payout percentages. The skill-based aspect would be related to bonus features, not base-game spins.

For arcade style games – like the racing and zombie games Gamblit and PikPok are working to develop now – it would be more likely that they will be designed for tournament-style competition between multiple players.

By supplying equal entry fees to all participants, casinos can divvy the majority of the prize pool to the winner, while taking a cut of the wagers – similar to the ‘rake’ in poker – for the house.