28 Jul

Fun Facts About PayPal

As one of the most popular payment methods for gambling sites, PayPay is widely used and widely adored. It began as a payment method used for eBay only, but it expanded into so much more. These days PayPal is worth tens of billions of dollars and, as we shall discover, it process a vast majority of the world’s payments.

Whether you love them or hate them, PayPal is an amazing company, and these are some amazing statistics to highlight that fact.

Active Users

There are currently over 165 million active users on PayPal, a figure that was first surpassed in April of 2015, and one that is expected to be much higher as time goes by. PayPal is also trying to crack the Chinese market and whilst they have failed with their efforts to date, they are getting closer and closer, and the day they break into China is the day 165 million turns into more than 300 million.

Mobile Payments

As if to highlight just how mobile the current technological marketplace is, PayPal have reported that more than 25% of all payments they process are on mobile devices. This is thanks to an increasing number of mobile casinos and e-commerce sites, as well as the fact that more individual users own smartphones and tablets. What’s more, during the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, PayPal report that on average mobile payments increase by as much as 43%, which amounts for a great deal of money.


In 2015, the total revenue generated by PayPal amounted to a fraction under $8 billion. This is how much money PayPal are making, not how much they are processing. In fact, the figure for how much they are processing was reported to be above $61 billion in the first three months of 2015 alone, which means that per year, PayPal process around $250 billion worth of payments, with an average of 23 transactions per PayPal account. If this sounds like an obscene amount of money, then bear in mind that everyday PayPal processes 9.3 million payments of varying amounts, in varying currencies and from users around the world.


Paypal is available in 203 markets around the globe, and it processes payments in 100 different currencies. In the United States alone, which is where PayPal was first founded and where it does the majority of its trade, PayPal accounts for as much as 30% of all online transactions, making it the third most popular method behind credit cards and debit cards.


There was a time when 100% of PayPal transactions went through eBay, but now they are a payment provider in their own right and only 45% of PayPal transactions are a result of eBay. PayPal is also growing more popular by the day, as evidenced by the fact that their total transaction volume amounted to $180 billion in 2013, but had grown to $228 billion in 2014.