8 Feb

Earn Free Pokies Credits with Royal Vegas’ Casino Heist Promotion

If there’s one thing every pokies fanatic lives, it’s earning free credits. Playing real money games on the casino’s dime is as good as it gets, eliminating the risk factor altogether. That’s what Royal Vegas Casino is promoting in its latest campaign, called Casino Heist.

For long-time members of the popular online casino, the name Casino Heist should be familiar. Royal Vegas ran a similar promo last year. However, in that rendition, players were required to work for their rewards, using strategic thinking to crack a code.

This time around, simply spinning the reels will ensure a prize of free pokies credits. The name Casino Heist is wholly appropriate since everyone who participates to some extent is guaranteed to claim a reward, essentially robbing the casino without consequence. Of course, how much profit a player takes from the heist is still up to the discretion of good old Lady Luck.

Guaranteed Free Pokies Credits

How to Participate in Casino Heist

For the entire month of February, when logging into the online casino, members of Royal Vegas will find a special icon in the lobby, marked Guaranteed Credits. Clicking on this button will bring up another option to Grab My Credits. Once you click this button, you will be entered into the Casino Heist promotion for that week.

Your next task is to play in the online casino, using real money to earn Rewards Points. Although it’s not required, it is highly recommended to earn points all 7 days of the week. Doing so will beget the highest amount of free pokies credits once the week is over.

Each day’s rewards points will unlock a new section of the vault in Zeus’ Palace, with progressively higher amounts of credits up for grabs in each new section. Missing a day won’t ruin your chances to earn free credits for the week, but as the promotion details state, “your stash will drop in value, leaving you less credits to savour at the end of the week!”

There’s one last qualification to collect all of the free credits you’ve accumulated throughout the week. Players must make at least one deposit on any day throughout the 7-day promotional period. Failing to do so will negate any free pokies credits you’ve managed to rack up that week.

From there, you’ll be able to collect all of those free credits from Zeus’ vault and use them to spin the reels of whatever online poker machines you desire. If Lady Luck is on your side, you could earn a nice chunk of cash along the way.

Once the week is over, you can do it all again the following week by earning more rewards points and collecting additional free credits to play the pokies at Royal Vegas Casino. But remember, you’ll have to make another deposit for the new week’s efforts to count.

Spending your Free Pokies Credits

With a stash of credits in tow and hundreds of games to choose from, selecting a game to spend them on might be the hardest part of this new promotion. There’s a widespread theory that the newest poker machines will have the highest payout percentages, at least while they are still new. While I can’t confirm or deny any truth to that theory, I can tell you there are several new releases you may enjoy taking for a spin.

In January, Microgaming’s new oriental-themed Lucky Twins and humorously haunted Peek-a-Boo games hit the online casino menu, followed by the launch of the babe-licious Bikini Party and festive Dragon Dance in February.

So grab your iPad, head to Royal Vegas and grab your guaranteed free pokies credits while you still can.