30 Aug

Countries That Use the iPad More Than Others

The iPad is by far the most popular tablet in the world today, and it has been that way since its inception. It was the device that launched the mobile revolution, and it is also the one that has helped to shape it. You will find owners of this device wherever you are in the world, but in some countries it is more popular than it is in others.

So which countries use this beloved device the most? Well, a couple of years ago a study was run to answer this question, checking browsing habits of web users to discover which country had the highest percentage of iPad users, and there were a few surprises.

10. Hong Kong

4.07% of internet users in Hong Kong access the internet through an iPad. Hong Kong used to be British, but these days it is under Chinese control and is a crucial link in their trading empire.

9. Bahamas

Perhaps a surprise inclusion, the Bahamas has a populace that loves mobile devices as much as the rest of us. After all, who wants to be stuck inside using a PC when you can be out in the glorious sunshine with your smartphone or tablet? 4.12% of web users in the Bahamas use iPads to get their online fix.

8. Netherlands

The Dutch like to stay up to date with the latest trends and mobile devices do very well here. iPads are the most popular tablet, which is why 4.66% of Dutch web users get online using this device.

7. United Kingdom

The UK is as Apple obsessed as the US, with legions of supporters that will buy anything Apple produces. The iPad has always been popular here, although the sales have dropped recently as users opt for cheaper devices and for more varied devices, such as those sold by Samsung and Acer. 4.69% of internet users in the UK use iPads.

6. Kuwait

Although it is located in the Middle-East, Kuwait is fairly Westernized. It has had a troubled past, having been invaded by Iraq to kick-start the Gulf War, but these days it is a very rich country and one that does a lot of trade globally. Kuwait is as technologically advanced as the US and UK, which is why 4.73% of web browsers in the country use iPads.

5. Australia

The most iPad friendly continent is Oceania, as these devices are hugely popular here, but Australia are the only country from that continent on this list. 5.14% of web browsers in this country use iPads to access the internet.

4. Nigeria

The number of users in this West African country is 5.28%. There are a lot of fake and counterfeit iPads and other tablets in this country, but there are also more than enough legitimate iPads to create this number.

3. Angola

Another African country to make this list, the figures for Angola are 5.75%, which is quite an impressive figure when you consider the stereotypical view that many people have of this formerly war-torn country.

2. Brunei

A tiny country, Brunei is near the very top of this list thanks to the limited number of PCs imported into the country, as well as the wealth of tablets that are shipped in regularly.

1. Singapore

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world and also one of the Asian countries with the highest concentration of expats. With so much money and so many businessmen and businesswomen short on time and constantly on the move, it is perhaps no surprise to learn that the figure in Singapore for iPad web users is 7.06%