4 Nov

Decide which Apple iPad is Right for You, before iPad Pro hits shelves

Apple promised to release the new behemoth-sized iPad Pro in November, and inside sources say it’s happening Wednesday, November 11. But before you go grab the latest, greatest and largest iPad ever made, take a look at this brief comparison of iPad models to see which best fits your needs and budget.

Comparison of Apple iPad Models

iPad Pro – USD $799+

If you’re of the opinion that bigger is always better, the iPad Pro just might be for you. Its massive 12.9” display is 3.2” larger than any previous iPad model. It also has the fastest A9X CPU processor, which is more than enough to multi-task on the pristine 264ppi ‘Retina’ display with 2732×2048 resolution.

Other unique qualities include compatibility with the new Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. That means the iPad Pro is perfect for artistic users who want to sketch on their screen, as well as anyone who wants to convert the colossal device into a working laptop.

For all of these superior qualities, the iPad Pro is being priced as follows:

Apple iPad Pro USD$
32GB / Wi-Fi $799
128GB / Wi-Fi $949
128GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $1,079


iPad Air 2 – USD $499+

If you’d prefer a more portable, standard-sized device, you won’t find better quality than Apple’s iPad Air 2. Its 9.7” display is super sharp at 2049×1536 resolution, it’s only 6.1mm thick and weighs just 437 grams (0.96 lbs).

It’s very well equipped with the lightning fast A8X CPU processor and 2GB RAM, and features Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint security technology, along with all of the features of the original iPad Air model. The only thing that might hold buyers back is the price tag, which hasn’t dropped a bit since last year’s release.

Apple iPad Air 2 USD$
16GB / Wi-Fi $499
64GB / Wi-Fi $599
128GB / Wi-Fi $699
16GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $629
64GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $729
128GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $829


iPad Air – USD $399+

The only advantage of the original iPad Air is that it carries a lower price tag of $399 for the 16GB/Wi-Fi model, but upgrading to the 32GB (the smallest size offered for its younger brother) runs $449+, meaning it’s not so much of a value after all. It features a slower A7 CPU processor, inferior 5-megapixel camera and lacks the Touch ID sensor.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great model, but comparatively speaking, it’s not a good value. The only reason to grab this iPad is if you need the medium size, but can’t wait to save up a bit more for the better iPad Air 2.

Apple iPad Air USD$
16GB / Wi-Fi $399
32GB / Wi-Fi $449
16GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $529
32GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $579


iPad Mini 4 – $399+

Super sleek, super light, super thin – the iPad Mini 4 is the by far the best of the miniature iPad releases. If compact portability is your goal, this is the best tablet on the market, featuring a 7.9” display with 2048×1536, 326ppi Retina display.

It’s also equipped with an A8 CPU, which is slightly slower than the iPad Air 2’s A8X, but more than enough to power this compact tablet. Like the iPad Air 2, it comes with 2GB RAM and Apple’s Touch ID sensor. Based on the price, unless you prefer the size of the Air 2, the iPad Mini is perhaps the best value you’ll find in any Apple iPad device.

Apple iPad Mini 4 USD$
16GB / Wi-Fi $399
64GB / Wi-Fi $499
128GB / Wi-Fi $599
16GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $529
64GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $629
128GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $729

iPad Mini 2 – $269+

Last but not least, those looking for a great Apple tablet with the lowest price tag should check out the iPad Mini 2. It may lack the superior performance of its successors, but it’s still incredibly fast, sleek and graphically pristine.

The iPad Mini 2 features the same display and resolution of the iPad Mini 4, with an A7, 64bit CPU that’s more than capable of powering this little tablet. Being 2-generations out of date, you won’t have all of the newest features, and the only sizes available are the 16GB and 32GB models, but for the price, you can’t complain.

Apple iPad Mini 2 USD$
16GB / Wi-Fi $269
32GB / Wi-Fi $319
16GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $399
32GB / Wi-Fi + LTE $449