1 Apr

BitCoin Pokies for iPad and Mac Applications (BetCoin)

BitCoin was once valued at close to $800 for a single coin, but these days that value has dropped somewhat. Still, this is very much a currency on the up and those in the know are still predicting that a single BitCoin could be worth thousands in as little as a few years.

BitCoin is the future and as it begins to be used for more and more services and products, we are seeing it change the way we shop and the way we use the internet. Not only can it be used to buy everything from food, toys and gadgets, but BitCoin is also used to pay freelancers, it is used to trade goods between individuals and, as we shall discuss in this article, it is used for online gambling.

The fluctuating nature of BitCoin has caused many online gambling companies to stay away from it, but one of them has embraced it with open arms, going as far as creating an entire online casino based around BitCoin. Known as BetCoin, it is an online casino that is much more than just a gimmick, an online casino that has a huge amount to offer gamblers everywhere. The founders understood that accepting BetCoin wasn’t enough to standout from the crowd, and so they revolutionized the online casino industry in other ways as well.

BetCoin is available on all platforms, including iPad and Mac, and when it comes to electronic games, you’ll struggle to find anything better. The benefits of this revolutionary casino don’t end there though. BetCoin promises to be transparent and claims to be the only casino with a transparent house edge, which are claims that we can verify. This has at the feel of a different casino, one without as many shadowy tactics, a casino that simplifies everything and lets the punter know exactly where they stand. Not only are they open about their house edge, but they also have one of the lowest house edges you are ever likely to see. They understand that even with a very slight house edge they will still make a profit, and that anything else, such as the house edges of many of the biggest online casinos, is just greed.

BetCoin also don’t take any fees at any point, which means that it’s just you against the casino in a match-up that is only marginally in their favor. If luck is on your side, even just slightly, then you’ll be leaving with a profit, and if luck is all on your side then you could be walking away with a small fortune.

BetCoin also has a huge range of games available, and this is a list that continues to climb as their reach and their customer base expands. At the time of writing the games available on the BetCoin website include Circle (which is basically a form of Roulette) Baccarat, Dice, Roulette, Lottery, Blackjack, 3 Card Poker, Mahjong, Tiger Dragon, Tiles, Fan Tan and more. If some of these games don’t sound familiar it is because BetCoin have several games that are entirely exclusive to their online casino, games that you will not find anywhere else, and games that already have a strong following.

BetCoin also has a fantastic new member bonus, offering just shy of $6,000 for free to all those who open a new account with BetCoin. You don’t even have to make a deposit, but once you do then you will be given a 100% matched deposit bonus as well. That’s a huge amount of money to get your account with BetCoin rolling, and the offers don’t end there. Loyal players will also be rewarded, as BetCoin has one of the best loyalty schemes we have ever seen, with nearly 10% cash back available for active players. VIP players, those who bet a lot and use the service frequently, will be contacted directly by BetCoin and given an invite to the Jade Emperor Club, which offers very generous VIP rewards and promises one of the best cash back schemes of any online casino.

BetCoin also a number of progressive jackpots. At the time of writing their VIP Jackpot amounts to close to $1 million, whilst the Jade Emperor Jackpot is more than double that.

This is a casino that literally has it all, despite its status as a new kid on the block. It is one that has begun big, and one that can only ascend even higher from here. We have seen a lot of online casinos in our time and the vast majority of them are the same, following a similar formula, with similar games, similar banking options and even similar software (due to the fact that most use one of two programs: Playtech and Microgaming). We still enjoy those sites, don’t get us wrong, but it is refreshing to see something new and something different emerge. BetCoin is not like those sites at all, it excels where they fail, and it improves on all of their good points.

Online casinos are changing, and BetCoin is the one responsible for dragging the industry into the 21st century.