3 Oct

Online Bingo gets a Modern Upgrade at Royal Vegas

When we think of bingo games, our minds often project images of a large, blindingly bright room, lined with tables and chairs, occupied by a mass of chronologically challenged players, turning their hearing aids to max volume and squinting frantically to dab the numbers on their cards. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?

Thanks to the ever-visionary developers at Microgaming, there’s a new generation of online bingo fans logging on every day to play similar games with a unique twist. This isn’t your granny’s bingo. Real money games are now available online with exciting new innvations unimaginable by our ancestors

If you found bingo boring before, here’s a glimpse at what today’s new online bingo games, available at Microgaming-powered sites like Royal Vegas and EuroPalace, have brought to the table.

Ballistic Bingo

Ballistic Bingo Real MoneyThis new online bingo game is a variant of the European favorite, 90-Ball Bingo. Players can purchase up to 8 cards for $0.10 to $5.00 each. All tickets offer a 9×3 grid of 36 spaces, with 5 numbers highlighted on each row. The object is simple – to cover all 15 numbers.

But here’s where it gets crazy. Since there’s no other players involved, players must complete a card within a certain amount of balls drawn. Completing a card in 40 or less balls awards the highest prize of 5000x the card’s purchase price. Managing to cover the card in 82 balls pays 1-to-1, with a 0.5x payout for doing it in 84.

There’s no slow, old fashion game play here, though. And if the standard automated speed isn’t enough, you can even turn it up to Hyper Mode!

Electro Bingo

Real money online bingo was never this electrifying. In this wild variation of the popular game, the number of balls has been reduced to just 60, and there’s lots of ways to win a scaling tier of prizes. Moreover, there’s no additional players to compete against, and you can even pay a little more to get extra bingo balls on your path to munificence.

Here’s how it works. In Electro Bingo, you can purchase up to 4 cards at $0.10 to $5.00 per card. Each contains a 5×3 grid of numbers (15 in all) that range from 1-60. Once you hit ‘Play’, a total of 30 balls will be randomly drawn. For each matching number, a Red X will appear on your card(s).

There are 14 patterns you can achieve to win a prize, with the top prize being awarded for covering an entire card in 30 balls or less. If you’re super close to a winning pattern when the 30th ball is drawn, you may want to spend a few extra coins to get another ball or two, increasing your odds of completing the win.


Fancy a game of roulette? Spingo combines traditional Bingo with the Game of Kings, and the result was a truly innovative way to play the game. There’s a wheel with slots that rotate in color from red, to blue, to yellow, with each color having it’s own range of numbers, 1 through 10 (i.e. 30 colored numbers in all).

Spingo Online Bingo

The table’s betting diagram even looks like a roulette table, where players can bet on a specific color and number, just a color, or odds/evens. And in classic roulette style, there is one extra slot containing a Green 0, to make things a bit more interesting (and guarantee the house always has an edge, of course).