1 Aug

Best Four Tablets for Mobile Gaming in 2015

We don’t hide our adoration for the iPad on this site, but we’re not Apple fanboys who buy everything with the Apple brand and rave about it whether it’s good, bad or incredibly poor. We have used Apple products that we don’t like, including the Apple Watch and Apple TV (early versions) and we have noticed many issues with our beloved iPad range as well.

We have also used many tablet computers and smartphones in the past, and because of this we think we have a very good idea of what the best one is on the market. In recent months we have tried many new releases, playing our favorite casino games on all of them, and in this article we’ll list the best four of them.

4. Nexus 9

Although it doesn’t always get good press, the Nexus is a very solid tablet. For us, it has the feel of an iPad, devoid of that “plasticy” construct that many tablets come with, and it is also a very powerful machine. With a reasonable price and a processor that runs very smoothly on all of our favorite games, there are few faults with the Nexus 9, which is bigger and better than all previous models of this Google tablet range.

3. Sony Xperia Z4

We love the Sony Xperia range and we are not alone in that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get the respect that it deserves and because its price point is usually the same as the iPad and iPhone (there are smartphone and tablet versions) consumers tend to opt for Apple. Still, you’ll struggle to find a bad review from anyone who has chosen to buy an Xperia, and the Z4 is the best yet. At $500+, this is very expensive, but that, and the fact that we prefer iOS as an operating system, are the only flaws. Key features on the Z4 include a hefty construct and the fact that it is waterproof, which makes gambling in the bath a unique and safe experience (trust us, it’s fun).

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S

We have always been torn when it comes to Samsung products. We owned the first Tab and weren’t big fans of it, nor did we really like the S series of smartphones. However, we simply love the Galaxy Note smartphones and we also can’t get enough of the Galaxy Tab S tablet. This has by far the best screen we have ever seen, trumping anything put out by Apple. The design isn’t as good, we’re not big on the OS and the storage isn’t great either, but the fact that this makes all pokies look so great is enough to make it our number 2.

1. iPad Mini 3

We have always preferred the iPad Mini to the original iPad, which is a little too big, heavy and bulky for our liking. For us, the iPad Mini is the perfect combination of the iPhone and the iPad, an ideal size for all users and for all needs. The iPad Mini 3 is very similar to the iPad Mini 2, with a few tweaks and no big changes. However, why fix what doesn’t need to be fixed? At under 350 grams, with a 7.9 inch display, a respectable price tag, great battery and the best mobile operating system around, this is the best choice on the market right now.