10 Jun

The Best BetSoft 3D Pokies

Slot machines are getting more and more advanced, as is to be expected, and in the last few years this industry has moved forward at a tremendous pace. It seemed like just a few years ago arcade pokies and classic pokies were the norm, but now we have been inundated with advanced 3D slots that rival the biggest and best mobile games on the market.

BetSoft are one of the most exciting innovators in this new field, with the best 3D games around, and in this article we’ll take a look at the most exciting BetSoft pokies — literally the best of the best.


The games listed here are in no particular order, but it should be said that Rockstar was by far our favorite BetSoft game. It’s not that the others weren’t up to scratch, far from it, it’s just that we adored this game. The graphics are amazing and the main bonus round puts you on stage with some classic 80s and 90s rockers, looking like a cross between Guns n Roses and Motley Crue. The bonus round has a Guitar Hero feel, only it is a little more reliant on luck, and there are also a couple of features, including one where the Slash-lookalike will come onto the reels and jam for a bit, firing coins your way as he does so.

If you want to live out your dreams of being a rockstar, whilst gambling all of your money away, then checkout the Rockstar pokie. We’re sure you’ll love it just as much as we did.

Under the Bed

This pokie reminds us of the Monsters Inc film, which is probably no coincidence. In this game there are many small monsters and children, with the latter tucked up in bed and hiding, and the former waiting underneath the bed and in the closet. This is a very fun game and one that also returns a lot of money.

The True Sheriff

In this game you assume the role of a town Sheriff who is hunting down the bad guy and protecting his town. There are a couple of small features and the graphics are slick and amazing throughout, but the main focus here is the Shootout bonus round. In this round you side with the Sheriff as he duels with the bad guy, and your goal is to shoot him and to do it before he shoots you. This game isn’t the most generous, which can be dangerous considering how fun it is. It means that before you know it you’ve lost your budget and you’re eager for more. There are big wins available though, we were just very unlucky.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

You have probably heard the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde already, but whether you’ve seen the films or read the books, the one thing you probably haven’t done is played the pokie. This BetSoft pokie has more features than any of the games listed on this page and it also utilizes the same high-tech graphics to create a very immersive and fun experience. The Bonus Round and the other features (including a Free Spins round) are also activated in a unique way — at least for BetSoft, as it is used on many of their other titles as well.

Honorable Mentions

There are many BetSoft games that you should checkout, not just the ones listed here. This 3D slots company have created dozens if not hundreds of games, and other stars of the show include At the Moves, Safari Sam and After Night Falls.