29 Feb

Apple iPad Air 3 Rumors continue to Circulate, but still no firm Release Date

Apple iPad Air 3 Rumors ContinueLast year, technology consumers eagerly anticipated the October 2015 release of the Apple iPad Air 3. As you well know, it didn’t happen. Not only is the 3rd generation of this popular tablet still on hold, Apple refuses to deliver any information towards an expected launch date. That hasn’t stopped more rumors from surfacing regarding its upcoming features.

Up until now, it’s been relatively easy to predict the release of new products from Apple, especially since the company hosts a launch party every Fall. For example, the original iPad Air was released on October 22, 2013. The iPad Air 2 came along on October 16, 2014.

It’s easy to understand why so many were disappointed when the October 2015 forum released the sizable iPad Pro – ostensibly designed for those who believe bigger is better – but no iPad Air 3.

Trying to predict a date for the new tablet’s launch is simply impossible. As one tech writer so adequately (and humorously) put it, “attempting to predict a release date for the iPad Air 3 may be akin to nailing jelly to a tree.

As waggishly true as that is, others projected the device will finally hit shelves in March alongside the Apple Watch 2. But as you may know, the Watch is being delayed to October 2016, and it’s just as likely the iPad Air 3 would carry with it the same delay.

As for Apple iPad Air 3 features, we’ve heard plenty of rumors, some of which are a lot more likely than others.

Size, Weight and Longevity

Some say it will get a bit smaller, but it’s more likely to maintain the same size. After all, that’s what the iPad Mini series is for. Perhaps it will be a tad thinner and lighter, though, due to the evolution of attenuation in battery size.

That’s not to say the new Apple product will see a degeneration of longevity. Diminishing battery size generally relates to improved technology, especially in the case of Apple, who strives to give their products the best in terms of performance. We can at least expect the same battery life of previous iPad Air versions, but it will more likely include improved capabilities, especially with the projected integration of the Smart Connector.

Charge iPad Air 3 and Accessories Simultaneously

With the release of the iPad Pro last year, Apple introduced a new feature called the Smart Connector. Instead of plugging accessories into the charging port, as most tablets require, accessories like the Apple Keyboard can be plugged into this extra port, and of course run on the battery of the tablet.

But with the charging port still accessible, users can charge the device and the accessory at the same time – that is, if Apple incorporates this savvy technology as predicted. And considering how affably received it was on the last iPad Pro release, there’s no reason they wouldn’t toss it into the iPad Air 3 as well.

Obvious Features of iPad Air 3

There are some features that will be implemented as a given – meaning there’s just no way Apple would leave these out. The iPad Air 3 will integrate at least the A9x chip, if not a brand spanking new A10. It will possess a minimum of 2GB Ram, like its predecessor, if not rising to 3GB. Jumping to 4GB is unlikely since the iPad Pro carries that size, and the Air series aren’t meant for such high performance as the Pro.

The Touch ID feature is all but guaranteed to exist on the Air 3, as well. Consumers have taken well to the new technology, and considering the height of competition from tablet makers like Samsung and Microsoft, it simply wouldn’t make sense to leave it out.