10 Feb

No Scatters? No Bonuses? Alchymedes Mobile Pokies still a Hit!

Alchymedes Mobile PokiesI’ve reviewed a virtual bottomless pit of mobile pokies in my day, and it’s not often that I get so much entertainment out of a game as I did today. Amazingly, it had nothing to do with landing scatter symbols, unleashing bonus rounds or sitting through a lucrative session of free spins. This game had none of that!

How could I possibly enjoy a game that doesn’t have bonus features and free spins? Such games simply don’t exist in today’s modern digital society. That’s because most game designers think players need these things to gain any enjoyment from an interactive poker machine. Heck, I thought so too, until a few hours ago.

I’m talking about the latest mobile pokies game from Yggdrasil. It’s call Alchymedes, and it makes all those nerdy scientist types we used to avoid like the plague look a lot cooler! Kind of the way Walter White made chemistry look cool in Breaking Bad.

Alchymedes Mobile Pokies

Alchymedes Mobile Pokies ScreenshotFrom the moment you load up this new mobile pokies, where players are drawn into the animated scene of a creepy wooden treehouse hidden in the swamp, you get the feeling this won’t be your typical game. Much like Yggdrasil’s late 2016 release of Viking Go Berserk, but with less violent overtones.

Following the cinematic intro, Alchymedes becomes a 5×4 reel poker machine with just 8 basic symbols. The low-paying symbols are card suits, clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades, while the high paying variety are multi-colored potion vials of green, purple, gold and blue.

There’s also a Wild symbol, which does what most wild symbol do, helping to create more wins.

The object of the game is progress through levels. Levels? Yes, levels. Like an RPG – gain experience to increase levels. But to gain experience, you have to land winning combinations. Each time you do, the big glass beaker-looking object on the left side of the screen fills up. Once it’s completely full, the player levels up.

Reaching higher levels is the main goal, as Alchymedes mobile pokies can get more lucrative with each new level. Once a player hits a new level, they are met with a special screen in which they must choose what feature the next round of play will contain. The choice is simple – Green or Red.

Alchymedes Level Up FeaturesChoosing Green will instigate the Infectious Wild Feature. For the next level of play, every time a Wild lands on the reels, it will randomly infect 4, 5 or 6 other positions on the reels with Wilds. This gets the player to the next level much faster.

Choosing Red will trigger the Multiplier Feature. Throughout the next level of play, the beakers on the right will fill to generate a multiplier. The multiplier can rise as high as 100x, but I never got it to go above 6x (4x or 5x was more common). The multiplier won’t kick in until the final win that pushed the player into a level up. However much that winning combination is worth, it will be boosted by the Multiplier.

Then it all starts again, with the player choosing Green or Red for the next level of play, and so on.

Last but not least, Yggdrasil was kind enough to throw in a Random Bonus. Each time a player starts a new level, they could be granted a random bonus. They might get nothing, or they might get a multiplier boost, rapid growth multiplier or up to 2,000 instant credits.

When you put it all together, I found the new Alchymedes mobile pokies to be one of the most interesting games I’ve played in a while. It’s got fantastic graphics, an interesting plot (that actually makes science fun) and a unique set of features that don’t mirror every other game on the market.

You can find Alchymedes at all Yggdrasil-powered casinos, including LeoVegas.