14 Mar

Accessories for iPad Gambling

The iPad is a great device in of itself. It takes everything that a computer or a laptop can give you and it condenses it down into a smaller, thinner and often much more aesthetically pleasing device. These days iPads even come with cellular capabilities, so if anyone tells you that they are just giant iPhones that can’t make phone calls, then be sure to phone them up and put them in their place. Despite all of the features that an iPad has, there are still some more accessories that you can purchase to make your iPad experience an even better one.




It’s not an accessory as such, but we can’t stress how great these devices are for gamblers all over. As far as we are concerned, these devices were made for online gambling, and with our favorite online casinos (Royal Vegas, Platinum Play and EuroPalace) all having apps available in the App Store, there is no excuse not to risk a few pennies in the hope of winning a few thousand.


You don’t need anything more than an iPad and a few moments of your time to check out these great gambling apps, and if you us the links provided by us, then you can also take advantage of big first time deposit bonuses. These websites even accept PayPal, so you don’t even need a debit or credit card on hand.


Wireless, Bluetooth Keyboards


One of the few things that the iPad can’t do that a computer or laptop can, is type properly. Sometimes, especially when working on long documents, the touchscreen keyboard just doesn’t feel right. Luckily, there are plenty of keyboards out there that work effortlessly with your iPad. Many of them also have docks so that you can slip the iPad right into the keyboard and turn it into a make-shift laptop for as long as you need it.


Not only can these make the use of apps should as Pages and Word much easier, but it is also ideal for those who find themselves on social media a lot, and even for bloggers who post regularly and want to speed up the writing process.


As far as gambling goes, you will need the keyboard to speed up the registration process and it also comes in very handy when playing poker and chatting to other players. In fact, this is something that is very awkward to do without the wireless keyboard, as the onscreen keyboard will get in the way of the game.




As with all desktop PCs and laptops, printers can also be connected to your iPad via wireless means. In fact, these printers tend to work by Bluetooth and can also connect to phones and other devices, allowing you to print anything that you need without fiddling with wires.


When it comes to gambling, printers are needed for those hardcore gamblers who want to study the games that they play in depth. You could use it to print-off some info on basic blackjack strategy whilst you play, you could also use it to print off a strategy for a game or a tournament of poker.


Speakers and Headphones


As well as connecting headphones and other devices via the audio socket on the iPad, there are also plenty of speaker systems and more that work via Bluetooth. This means that with a click of a button on your iPad you can start playing your favorite music on your speaker wherever you are in the house. This can provide a great backing track for a long game of poker, blackjack or even a session of roulette. Music can help not only to punctuate the silence, but it can also keep your adrenaline pumping as you wait for the right cards or for that big win.


The rattle and ring of the slot machine adds to the excitement of the play, and whilst this is not something that you want to send to a speaker and play on full volume, it is something that you might need headphones to listen to. After all, if you’re in a room with others then they might not be as happy with the noises as you are.


Mobile Charger/Dongle


If you travel a lot, of if you’re planning a long journey and want to take along your iPad for some gambling on the train or in the car (providing you’re a passenger) then you’ll need a wireless dongle, which will provide you with Wi-Fi wherever you are, and a mobile charger that will allow you to charge your device in your car or on the go. They come in many different forms and you can even buy chargers that can be charged at home, before being plugged into your device at a later date, meaning that you can give your iPad that extra dose of power when there are no sockets around.