17 Oct

iPhone 7 Review: Fast and Friendly, but Fails to Impress

iPhone 7 ReviewEvery year, the iOS fan-based eagerly awaits the next big release from Apple. The Sept 2016 iPhone 7 launch was one of the most anticipated events of the last decade. Unfortunately, while the latest smartphone is clearly upholding the brand’s high standards for quality, the overall reaction has been somewhat disappointing.

It’s not that Apple went downhill with its new iPhone 7. Review websites have all raved about how fast the device is, and the level of sophistication that went into its build. But to be fair, these qualities are always on the menu with new Apple smartphone releases.

We expect each new iOS powered device to be faster than the last, and to reflect new design elements. It’s all the new features we don’t expect that impress us. And that’s where so many – including myself – believe Apple has failed with the 2016 iPhone 7 release.

There were a few modifications worth noting, each developed to improve the iPhone’s functionality, durability and/or aesthetic appeal. We’ll take a look at what the newest Apple smartphone brings to the table.

Apple iPhone 7 - What's In The Box

Headphone Jack Eliminated

One of the most notable new features – or lack there of – has been the elimination of a headphone jack. The new iPhone comes with earpods that plug into the Lightning port. Or, users can still utilize their old wired headphones by plugging them into the 3.5mm adapter (included in box), which also plugs into the Lightning port. Problem here is that users can’t hook up a power bank or anything else that plugs int the Lightning port at the same time.

Another alternative is to use wireless earbuds/headphones connected via Bluetooth. That’s the option I chose, and it’s working well enough.

Finally, there’s one more way to listen to music on the new iPhone 7 – Apples preference, I’m sure – and that’s to spend $159 on a pair of Apple AirPods. They look just like Apple’s normal headphones, but contain no wires. They also don’t contain any rubber tips or locking wings to help keep them in your ear, so if one falls out… well, good luck.

But in the end, Apple did provide a lot of alternatives, and there was actually a good reason for removing the headphone jack. More on that in a moment…

Missing Home Button

The one button we’ve really come to rely on is the Home button. While Apple didn’t remove it entirely, it’s no longer a physical button that is pressed, but rather a special place on the screen that responds to our touch. Instead of feeling it press in, we feel a vibration that lets us know we’ve effectively used it.

It takes a little getting used to, but like the missing headphone jack, there was good reason for it, and here it is.

Improved Waterproof Technology

By removing those openings and moving parts from the surface of the new iPhone 7, Apple has been able to increase it’s waterproof rating to IP67. That means you can drop this Apple smartphone in water up to a meter deep for as long as a half-hour without damaging it. Or, as far as real life scenarios go, you won’t need to buy a new phone next time you drop it in the toilet.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

No, there’s really nothing else worth mention as far as this iPhone 7 review goes. As I said above, it’s a bit faster, the camera is really nice, and the new iOS 10 seems to have real potential. It also comes with new color options. But the screen size and resolution match that of iPhone 6s, and while there were a couple of position changes made on the chassis, the only apparent reason was to ensure you’ll need to buy a new case for it.

2016 iPhone 7 Worth Buying?

As a tech fan, I can’t recommend going out and spending full price to purchase the new iPhone – certainly not if you already have the last version. If you’re due for a free or majorly discounted upgrade, go for it. Otherwise, it’s simply not worth it.