Pokies for iPad is an affiliate website, providing reviews, guides and a range of other information that serves to assist the gambling community in Australia and further afield. As an affiliate website, Pokies for iPad does not request or use any personal or financial information from any of its readers, except on very rare occasions (as discussed in our Privacy Policy), and we do not sell a product or a service. We do link to other sites that sell products and services though, and we take a cut from sales that result from click-throughs from our website, to those affiliate websites.

All other terms based on Pokies for iPad and its readers, have been discussed below.

General Information

The Pokies for iPad website was created by gamblers and pokie players, but also by writers. The aim of the Pokies for iPad website is to provide as much information, news, reviews, guides and more on pokies and on gambling in general, with an emphasis on those apps, games and websites that are available for the Apple iPad. We do our best to ensure that all of the information we provide is accurate and up to date, but in the event that it is not, then we accept no responsibility, and can only ensure our readers that we have tried our best to make sure that this will not be the case.

Although Pokies for iPad do not take personal or financial information from its readers and/or members, the many affiliates that it links to may do. In such cases, all readers and/or members of Pokies for iPad are advised to read the terms and conditions of those affiliate websites, and to remember that the terms described herein do not apply once they click-through to an affiliate website. Pokies for iPad also accept no responsibility for anything hat happens as a result of a reader and/or member clicking through to one of those websites, which includes, but is not limited to, money lost through gambling.


If Pokies for iPad should request any of your information, then it will be through a contact form, a newsletter subscription box or other, similar, means. This is only so that we can increase the enjoyment that readers have of our website, to personalise any responses that we send to them and to personalise any newsletters, whilst also knowing where to send those newsletters and responses.

For more details on how Pokies for iPad deals with the privacy of its readers, then please visit our Privacy Policy.


Everything contained within the Pokies for iPad website, including, but not limited to, images, written content and logos, are the exclusive property of Pokies for iPad, and should not be sold, used or copied without the express permission of the owners of this website. If anyone wishes to use the content contained within the Pokies for iPad website, then they should request permission from the owners first, as using any materials on this website without first requesting — and receiving — permission may result in legal action.

Some of the content on the Pokies for iPad website, such as a small number of the images backgrounds or logos, may come from the public domain, but the vast majority of content on this website — including all of the written content — has been created exclusively for Pokies for iPad. The writers, artists and developers work hard to ensure that everything on Pokies for iPad is unique and does not infringe on any copyrights, and we ask that all users of this website treat our content with the same respect that we treat others with.


In regards to cost, the Pokies for iPad website is free for all readers and members, and there are no plans to change this in the future. We are a content-heavy website, and we do not offer any products or services for sale. We are a gambling website, but we do not offer any gambling games ourselves, and merely link to a number of sites that do. Despite these links, which often come as a recommendation from us, we do not have any personal ties to these websites. We do not have access to their (and, as a result, our readers that click-through) financial accounts, and as soon as readers leave the Pokies for iPad website for one of our affiliates, we accept no responsibility for what happens to them.


Should these terms change at any point, then by continuing to use this website you are automatically agreeing to them. The changes will be made without warning, and will almost certainly not result in anything major.


All readers of Pokies for iPad are asked to remember that this website is for information purposes only, and that although we do our best to provide tips on the best games to play and the best ways to play them, we are by no means guaranteeing any wins and we accept no responsibility for any losses that occur because of our articles. All users of Pokies for iPad are asked to remember that with every form of gambling there is a great deal of risk involved.

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