The information on this page relates to the privacy of Pokies for iPad and its readers, and is guaranteed to be accurate and up to date concerning all matters of privacy on the Pokies for iPad website.

Your information and what we do with it

At Pokies for iPad the information of our readers is taken very seriously, and on the occasions when we do ask for any personal information (which are very rare) then we will try our upmost to ensure that it remains safe and secure at all times. We will also not sell, lease or give away that information to any third-parties, and can also guarantee that it will not be used for marketing of any sort.


The occasions on which such information is requested mainly relate to contact forms and newsletter subscriptions. In the case of the former, Pokies for iPad ask that those trying to get in touch with us, whether to ask a question or make a suggestion, leave their name and their contact details on the contact form. This allows us not only to send a response, but also to personalise that response. On many occasions leaving a name will not be mandatory to get in touch with us, but if you are asking a question or sending a message that needs a reply, then we will need your email address to get in touch.


In regards to newsletter subscriptions, we ask that our readers leave similar details, and that they do this with the knowledge that we will send them sporadic newsletters, whether relating to the content on our website, to random competitions that we decide to run, and to special offers and more from our many affiliates. We will only send such newsletters if our readers request them and at any time they can cancel their subscription and unsubscribe from our newsletter service.

How we store your information

If we need your information to send you newsletters, then we may store it, but in the event that you contact us to ask a question or make a suggestion, then your information will be deleted once your message has been dealt with. In the event that we do store your information, it will be kept on secure, third-party servers owned by those that supply us with a newsletter service. This will be kept at our discretion and will not be shown, sold, leased or given away at any point, nor will it be used by anyone but ourselves.


Analytical information will also be stored and analysed, and this relates to the amount of users visiting our website, and to their country of origin, their web browser and more. IP addresses may be logged, but these are of no interest to us and will not be stored. We will, however, use the rest of the analytical information to better understand how our website is being used and to improve it if possible, but this is standard procedure and even if we did intend to use this information for other means, we would not be able to link that information to any particular user.




The Pokies for iPad website uses cookies. These are small files that are automatically created on the user’s computer as soon as they visit a website. These are used on the majority of websites around the internet and are generally considered to enhance the user’s experience.





Pokies for iPad is an affiliate website, which means that we are affiliated with many other gambling websites. We do not sell any products or services ourselves, but we do affiliate with many websites that do. We do not have any access to their operations and therefore we accept no responsibility for any losses or misuse that occurs as a result of a reader of Pokies for iPad clicking though to one of those websites. The terms listed on this page apply to Pokies for iPad only, and all users are advised to check the privacy policies on all affiliate sites once they click-through to them.



By reading these terms and continuing to use the Pokies for iPad website then you are automatically agreeing to everything described within the privacy policy. If we should change these terms at any point, then your consent will be automatically implied as soon as you return to, and continue to use, the Pokies for iPad website. If those changes are major and they affect our readers and their enjoyment of the Pokies for iPad website, then we will try to get in touch with them beforehand, but on the occasions where the changes are minor, and on the occasions were we are unable to contact them, then no such efforts will be made.




If you wish to contact us at any point, whether to discuss these terms or to ask a question concerning anything else on the Pokies for iPad website, then you can email us at info@

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