We do our best to pack as much information and as many reviews into this site as we possibly can, but in the event that you still want to read more (perhaps after you have scoured our archives) we have created the following list so that you can expand your knowledge. All of these sites and pages are either frequented regularly by us, are highly recommended by us, or both. 

  • Jackpot Joy Slots: This is a FaceBook community that also has a website, app and more. If you are a huge fan of slot machines and want to share your love with likeminded individuals, then this could be the perfect place for you. As well as a friendly community, this is also a slot machine game, with plenty of games, themes and more on offer, all of which can be played and enjoyed for free. Although it can be played on FaceBook, Jackpot Joy is best enjoyed on your iPad, downloaded through the App Store.
  • Gaming Machines: This is an extensive PDF on gaming machines around the world, discussing everything from slot machines to video lottery terminals and more, and the effect they have on countries such as Australia and the United States of America. This is not a download and the PDF will display in the web browser, so bear in mind that it might take a few moments to load.
  • Gambling in Australia: This is the Wikipedia article on gambling in Australia, looking at everything from the popularity of pokies, to the online gambling laws in the country, and much more. Gambling laws are different depending on the state, with pokies being widespread in New South Wales, and illegal in Western Australia (as an example) and this article briefly covers those many differences.
  • Pokerstars Australia: Pokerstars is the biggest and best poker site in the world, and it has been that way for many years now. There was a blip several years ago following what was known as “Black Friday” but Pokerstars emerged smelling of roses. It had lost its US players, but it was still at the very top of the pile. This site is packed with players from all over the world, and in honour of their Australian and New Zealand players, they even have the Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour, which is where the above link points. If you fancy yourself as a poker pro, or you’re looking for something to fill the gaps between your pokie sessions, then this could be just what you are looking for.
  • iPad Glossary and More: On this page you will find several links to informative iPad articles, all of which can teach you more about your device. Few iPad users read the manual, and although all of them pick up the basics fairly quickly, there are many built-in features that are missed. This page links to articles that can help users get more from their iPads, finding those hidden features.
  • Problem Gambling: Although many of us gamble on a regular basis without any issue and without it having a negative effect on our lives, our careers and our families, the same can’t be said for all. Problem Gambling is prevalent worldwide and in Australia, where there are more gamblers than anywhere else, it is becoming a big problem. This site is the official, government-run organisation dealing with gambling addiction. Along with a wealth of information to help you understand more about the options available to you if you are addicted to gambling, you can also read about the warning signs so that you can stop yourself before your gambling gets out of hand.
  • Guardian Article on Australia Gambling: Aussies love to gamble, as gamblers ourselves we know that better than most. Australians gamble more than citizens of any other country, and pokies are our favourite way to risk a few dollars. In this article, posted to the Guardian (a popular UK newspaper) Australia’s love of gambling and of pokies is discussed from the perspective of an outsider. A very in-depth and interesting article, and one of the best that we have read on the subject of our country’s obsession with gambling.
  • Smart Gambler: The Smart Gambler website may not have the best layout or the best aesthetics, but the information contained on these pages is priceless and can help gamblers in all disciplines to up their games. Smart Gambler includes tips, guides and advice on everything from horse racing and AFL, to casino games and the stock market. There are also odds tables, reviews, and info on everything from probability to scams and myths.
  • Daily Strength: Although we can’t stress enough that the majority of gamblers know what they are doing, we can all get a little crazy from time to time and we can all struggle with things. If you find yourself struggling with gambling addiction and want some support and assistance whilst you pull yourself together, then this online community can help.
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