Pokies for iPad is the leading destination for those looking to learn more about what sort of pokies are available for their iPad. As a content site, Pokies for iPad is jam-packed with articles on every conceivable thing you can imagine that relates to slot machines on your iPad, and we are creating more and more articles all of the time. This sounds like a fairly niche subject, but these days there are millions of iPad owners all over the world, and when you consider that pokies (also known as slot machines, fruit machines, one armed-bandits, etc,.) are the leading way to gamble all over the world, you realise that this site reaches a broad market. From the glitzy casinos in Las Vegas, to the prestigious, luxury casino rooms in Monte Carlo and Macau, these machines earn the casinos more money than blackjack and poker put together, they also offer much more security for the casinos, guaranteeing a sure-fire profit and ensuring that everyone who sits down to play is at a severe disadvantage. At the same time though, these games continue to lure in millions of punters world-wide, both offline and online, because the pull of a huge jackpot — not to mention the buzz of playing the machine itself — is just too much for anyone to resist.

We focus on the Australian market, but only because we’re Australians ourselves and because pokies are so big here, but the truth is that the Pokies for iPad can be enjoyed by anyone with a passion for iPads, pokies and gambling in all of its forms. In many Australian states (excluding Western Australia, where they are illegal) pokies can be found everywhere from hotels and restaurants, to pubs and more, and these days there is a huge number of Australian citizens that have taken their love of pokies into the online world.

Pokies for iPad is run by a handful of writers and gamblers, all of which are experienced in all forms of gambling, and all of which love pokies. The Pokies for iPad website was created as a labour of love, as opposed to a money spinner, and our main goal is to produce content that can help people like us to find the best slot machines, online casinos and more for their iPads.

All of the content on the Pokies for iPad website was created by our writers, exclusively for Pokies for iPad. None of the written content is public domain, none of it has been “borrowed” from anywhere else, none of it has been outsourced and certainly none of it has been rehashed or rewritten. All of our reviews are for games and online casinos we have played extensively for the purpose of that review, all of our guides are for things that we either know a great deal about, or have studied at great length to write about. This is genuine, honest and original content; our goal is to inform, not to make money.

That’s not to say that money isn’t a goal though, because we need to keep this site ticking over. We all work full-time jobs and we need that little bit of an incentive to keep us interested in this site, and to ensure that we spend all of our valuable free time writing articles for it. We therefore try to affiliate with all of the sites that we review, so that we can get paid if you click-through to those sites. We know, however, that you’re not going to listen to a review if it sounds disingenuous, and the last thing we want to do is to dupe our readers, so all of our reviews are honest, regardless of how much the affiliate is paying us.

That’s why on the Pokies for iPad website you will find honest reports of trouble at sites like Paddy Power and Bet365, some of the biggest affiliates and biggest online bookmakers in the world. Other affiliate sites may be too scared to tell the truth about these sites, but we are not. There are sites that we are kind towards, of course, but only because we genuinely enjoyed them — and that’s the purpose of Pokies for iPad.

So come and join us. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your gambling in the form of slot machines, blackjack, roulette or poker, and it doesn’t matter if you prefer to use an iPad, an iPhone, an Android or a PC. It also doesn’t matter if you’re from Australia or not, this is a universal site that can benefit gamblers all around the world, and whilst we do focus on pokies for iPad, our content is much broader than our name suggests.

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